Map of  CITY of Vicenza (Click to Enlarge)
Map of CITY of Vicenza

Public transportation is excellent and affordable in Italy. Facilities on the economy are scattered, so you will have to make frequent trips, especially if you live on the economy.

*BUSES: The most commonly used mode of transportation in and around the Vicenza area. Buses run from 0600-2320. "Orange AIM" buses access the immediate Vicenza area and the "FS Blue" buses cover further rural areas. You can purchase AIM bus tickets at the Adventure Travel Center (ATC) (see "RECORD LISTING" for specific information), and any Tabaccheria shop.

To catch the bus, stand at the yellow FERMATA sign. The route number of the buses that service that stop will be printed on the Fermata sign. A time schedule is also posted in the ATC office and at the Tabaccheria shops. There is a bus stop right out side the front gate of Caserma Ederle. The bus runs approximately every 10 minutes. Tickets only are used on the bus and can be purchased at ATC for $1.00 each.

Enter the bus from the back door and stamp your ticket in the machine located near the back of the bus. Hold on to your ticket until you exit. Sometimes an inspector will enter the bus to check ticket stubs. Once your ticket is stamped, it is good for one hour. If you change buses within the hour, you do not need to use another ticket. To notify the driver that you wish to leave the bus, press the red button located above the doors or by the windows. Exit the bus through the center doors.

Children under 1 meter tall (3 feet) ride free. Only one free child per adult is allowed.

*CAR RENTALS: Renting a car in Italy is expensive. The Italian agency on post EUROPCAR (an AAFES concessionaire) has the best prices. To rent a vehicle, you need a valid driver's license. Stateside, SETAF, or International driver's license are accepted. You must be at least 18 years old.

Europcar has a number of vehicles of various models and sizes, however, supplies are limited, especially during high tourist seasons. The vehicle should have a full tank of gas, an emergency triangle, spare tire, and green insurance card. When you take possession of the car, you acknowledge that the car is in working order and all the above mentioned equipment is in the vehicle. Europcar representatives can answer further questions about insurance and liabilities. See Record Listings for additional information.

DRIVING IN ITALY: Safe operation of a vehicle in Italy and throughout Europe requires careful and constant attention. Two-wheeled vehicles of all types occupy Italian roads and operators place inordinate faith in the alertness and reflexes of other drivers. Defensive driving and seat belts are mandatory. The Italian road system is extensive and well maintained. The major thoroughfares are called the Autostrada. They are numbered and prefixed by the letter "A". National highways called "STRADE STATALI", are numbered and prefixed with the letters "SS". Provincial roads are numbered and quite often very narrow. See category: "INSTALLATION", Related Subjects: "REGULATIONS" and "MUST KNOW ITEMS" for additional driving tips.

*TAXIS: There is no taxi service on the installationn nor are they allowed on post. However, you may catch a taxi directly across the street from the main gate. Rates vary and are generally expensive. See the Record Listing section.

*TRAINS: Using the train is the simpliest way to travel throughout Italy. Once you understand the schedule, travel opportunities are endless. Children under 4 years travel free. Children from 4-12 years pay half fare. The Vicenza Train Station is located approximately 15 minutes from Caserma Ederle. Reading the train schedule: a. PARTENZE- Hour the train departs. b. ARRIVI- Time train arrives. c. IC or EC- Intercity or Eurocity trains. These trains are faster than the local or regional trains which stop at small towns along the route. If you wish to take one of the faster trains, you will need to pay a little extra. Its called a supplement. You must buy the ticket before you board the train. d. DESTINAZIONE - Destination. The final stop of the train will be written in large print. Places the train stops along the way are written in smaller text. e. BINARIO - Track. Number of the track from which the train will depart.

Train schedules are posted throughout the train station and are available for purchases at news stands. ACS, Information and Referral, ATC and Sato Travel can also help with specific destinations, schedules, and other information. See Record Listings for further details.

*AIRPORTS: Most commonly used airports near Vicenza are the VENICE MARCO POLO AIRPORT, located approximately 45 minutes from Caserma Ederle; the VERONA AIRPORT, located approximately 45 minutes from post; the MILANO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, located 3 hours from post; and the AVIANO MAC TERMINAL, located approximately 3 hours from post.

Vicenza: Local Community
Community Transportation

Address : Unit 31401, Box 80
City : VICENZA State : APO AE Zip : 09630
Phone : COM: 011-39-0444-517617 Fax : COM: 011-39-0444-517684
DSN Phone : 634-7617 DSN Fax : 634-7684
Proximity To Site: Bldg. #108, Caserma Ederle
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  Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1700.  The ACS Information and Referral Office can assist with most problems, questions or concerns.  If not directly, then by referral to the appropriate agency.

Address : Bldg. #249, Caserma Ederle
City : VICENZA State : APO AE Zip : 09630
Phone : COM: 011-39-0444-517453 Fax :
DSN Phone : 634-7453 DSN Fax :
Proximity To Site: Located near the Shoppette.
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  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 1100-1900.  The ATC office provides information on a variety of moderately priced travel and leisure experiences, including cultural and special events, tours, and tickets.  Also available are bus tickets and train information.

Name : EUROPCAR (AAFES Concessionaire)
Address : Bldg. #302 (Caserma Ederle)
City : VICENZA State : APO AE Zip : 09630
Phone : COM: 011-39-0444-505916 Fax : COM: 011-39-0444-504738
DSN Phone : 634-8019 DSN Fax :
Proximity To Site: Located on Caserma Ederle at the AAFES Mall Complex.
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  Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1800, Saturday 0800-1400, and Sunday 1200-1600.

City : VICENZA Country : Italy Zip : 36100
Phone : COM: 0444-920600 Fax :
Proximity To Site: Will pick you up at main gate.
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  Taxi's are generally expensive, consider using the bus.

Address : Bldg. #108, Caserma Ederle
City : VICENZA State : APO AE Zip : 09630
Phone : COM: 011-39-0444-303044 Fax : COM: 011-39-0444-303054
DSN Phone : 634-8351 DSN Fax : n/a
Proximity To Site: Located in Davis Hall, the one-stop community center..
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  Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday 0800-1800.  Provides travel planning,  reservations, and information for air and train travel.