NWS Earle is situated on 10,000 acres (mainside) and 1000 acres at the waterfront.  The two areas are 17 miles apart, separated by a private government road (Normandy Road).  Housing and administrative buildings are on the mainside while the homeported ships are located in Leonardo.  The specific regulations for Normandy Road include yielding to Northbound traffic before crossing one-lane bridges and passovers.  Also, all traffic must pull to side of road to allow flashing cargo trucks and security vehicles to pass.  The speed limit is as posted (25-45 MPH) and is strictly enforced by NWS Earle security.  Speeding tickets begin at $50.00.

NWS Earle has an abundant population of wildlife and they can cause traffic hazards.  Deer are blinded by headlights and will stop in their tracks until they can see again.  It is suggested you stop and sound your horn to get them to continue with their crossing.  Additionally, because they usually travel in herds, single file, be sure all have passed before proceeding.  NWS Earle has an excessive amount of ticks, due to deer and wooded areas.  Information about ticks should be obtained from Medical.

Traffic:   25-45 MPH as posted

Vehicle Checks: Random

Accidents:  Low Incidence

Criminal Offenses:  Low Incidence

Restricted Areas: Yes

Photography: Must have prior approval

Naval Weapons Station Earle: Installation

Name : NJ State Boat License POC : Marine Law Enforcement Bureau
Address : River Road
City : West Trenton State : NJ Zip : 08628
Phone : (609) 882-2000 Ext. 6175 Fax : N/A

Name : NJ State Driver's License and Vehicle Registration POC : New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles
Address : 25 South Montgomery Street
City : Trenton State : NJ Zip : 08666
Phone : (609) 588-2424 Fax :
Comment :
There are (3) Monmouth County sites of the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles. These sites are located in Eatontown, Freehold and Matawan. For more information call (609) 588-2424 Monday through Friday between the hours of 0830 and 1630.

Driver's License:

NJ issues a four-year license.  The license is available in two forms, photo and non-photo.  Anyone securing their very first NJ license, whether previously licensed in another state or jurisdiction, must secure a photo license.  Active duty military have two choices of driver's license:  New Jersey or home of record.  Territory licenses acceptable in NJ are those from Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and US Virgin Islands.  A federal government driver's permit alone is not valid.  Family members who are non-residents of NJ must obtain a NJ driver's license within 60 days or before the current license expires, whichever occurs first.  Persons presenting a valid out of state driver license may have the road test waived if the document and identification are in order.  Applicants possessing a driver's license from another state will be required to surrender it in order to receive their NJ license.

COST: Driver Exam Permit $5.00--Four Year Drivers License $18.00.

Vehicle Registration:

If you move to New Jersey, you must title and register your motor vehicles within 60 days (or sooner if your out-of-state registration expires before then).  NOTE:  Military Personnel may retain their out-of-state registration, however, they must carry NJ auto insurance.  The legal driving age is 17.  Vehicle registration on base is mandatory. Report to Pass & ID, Building C-1, 866-2241/43.


Name : NJ State Fishing License POC : NJ Fish, Game & Wildlife
Address : CN 400
City : Trenton State : NJ Zip : 08625
Phone : (609) 292-2965 Fax : N/A
Comment :
Fishing License:
     Fishing licenses can be obtained from most sporting goods stores or tackle shops throughout the state. Anyone 14 years of age or older must have a NJ fishing license for fishing in the freshwater of the state.  Anglers who wish to fish for trout must also possess a trout stamp.  NJ has more than 4,000 freshwater lakes, ponds and streams with many of them stocked with trout.  For information on hunting and fishing, send a stamped ($.52) self-addressed (#10) envelope to the above address.  Saltwater fishing does not currently require a license. Saltwater fishing is permitted on a limited basis from the NWS Earle pier. Good striped bass, flounder, fluke and blue fish.  Some weakfish, black fish and porgie.

Hunting License:
     First time hunters in NJ must either provide a license or hunter education certificate from another state before a New Jersey hunting license will be issued.  Licenses are required for all persons 10 years of age or older.  New Jersey also requires waterfowl hunters to buy a New Jersey stamp in addition to the federal duck stamp.  Hunting is permitted on NWS Earle by station and tenant command personnel.  Archery, blackpowder rifle and shotgun seasons are available for whitetail deer, wild turkey, small game and waterfowl.

Name : Pass and ID Office POC : Officer in Charge
Address : Pass & ID Office, Bldg C-1
      Naval Weapons Station Earle, 201 Hwy 34 South
City : Colts Neck State : NJ Zip : 07722-5000
Phone : (732) 866-2241/2243 Fax : (732) 866-2211
DSN Phone : 449-2241/2243 DSN Fax : 449-2211
Comment :
Hours: Monday - Thursday - 0615 - 1745
       Friday            - 0615 - 1700
       Closed Weekends

To bring a vehicle on station you must show a valid ID, drivers license, insurance on vehicle and vehicle registration.