Most of you have moved many times during your service career and are familiar with the moving process. However,problems vary depending on the military installation. If you take the time to read the following paragraphs, the information contained will make your move to the Tampa area less of a hardship for you and your family. And remember, the MacDill AFB TMO is only a phone call away. Keep them posted concerning your plans. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday 0800-1500. Their DSN is 968-2600

TMO recently came on line with a new telephone system and the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. With the installation of the IVR system, answers to questions concerning routine personal property (household goods/unaccompanied baggage) information can be obtained by the automated system. The IVR can be accessed 24- hours a day. Use of the IVR system for routine questions will allow TMO personnel additional time to handle walk-in customers.

There are eight telephone lines dedicated to IVR, which provide inbound and outbound shipment information, carrier/agent information, and carrier/agent telephonee numbers for outbound shipments.

Please call the TMO, Inbound Personnel Property Section, 828-2600 immediately upon your arrival to obtain up-to-date information concerning the status of your personal property shipments. Shipments that have arrived in the area, and which have been placed in temporary storage, will be scheduled for delivery on or about the date you request. However, due to the heavy seasonal work load, 5 to 15 days may be required to effect delivery from storage. It is not advisable to schedule delivery of shipments from temporary storage prior to your arrival. If you are delayed enroute and cannot accept delivery as scheduled, all charges for loading and placement back in storage would be at your expense. Whether you are moving into civilian or government quarters, it is most important that you have a firm occupancy date. Do not rely on a projected or estimated date. Proper coordination with your new landlord, realtor, or base housing office could prevent costs chargeable to you.

SPLIT SHIPMENT If your shipment is "split" at origin-that is, if your shipment cannot be loaded on a single van, but overflows to a second van, it is very important that you notify TMO. This information has definite impact on their decision to re-weigh or not be re-weigh your shipment when it arrives and could be instrumental in preventing excess costs chargeable to you.


If you are planning to coordinate with agents/van drivers at origin for a door-to-door direct delivery, you must advise TMO of your anticipated arrival date. There is a 2-hour free waiting time to provide delivery instructions to the van driver when your goods arrive. If you are not available to accept delivery within this 2-hour period, your property will be placed into storage.


If direct delivery is accomplished and the driver indicates that unpacking and removal of unpacking materials will be made by his local agent at a later date, it is important that you confirm this with the carrier's agent prior to signing for your property and releasing the driver. Otherwise, you could be responsible for all unpacking, reassembling of items, and removal of packing debris. Remember, some driver's will try to leave you with the hassle of unpacking even though it is their responsibility. They have been paid to provide this service. If you have problems call TMO!


The cost of removing goods is based on an hourly rate. Therefore, if you contemplate a withdrawal prior to acceptance of the entire lot, it is essential that you identify such articles prior to shipment. On van shipments, these articles should be identified on the inventory so that they can be separated prior to off-loading into the warehouse. On crated shipments, these articles should be identified on the inventory by container number for easy removal at destination. If possible, have all articles identified for partial delivery in the same container. Last but not least, coordinate with the originating TMO to authorize a partial delivery on the Government Bill of Lading.

MacDill AFB: Relocation Services
Household Goods In-Bound Shipments

Name : Traffic Management Office POC : any counselor
Address : Bldg P-52
City : MacDill AFB State : FL Zip : 33621
Phone : (813) 828-2600 Fax : (813) 828-4399/2735
DSN Phone : 968-2600 DSN Fax : 968-4399