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  • Andersen AFB, Guam

  •  Located 15 miles north Agana in Guam

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The Housing Flight is located in Bldg 1723, on Papaya Drive and may be reached at 366-2127/8143. Customer service hours are: Appointments: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri - 0730 1200; Wed - 0800 1200; Walk-Ins: Mon - Fri - 1300 1530. Please request that your sponsor make an appointment for you to in process with the housing office as soon as possible after your arrival.

COMMAND SPONSORSHIP: In order to be assigned military family housing (MFH), you must have command sponsorship. Concurrent travel is authorized for all grades.

ADVANCE APPLICATIONS: Eligible personnel may submit an advance application, DD Form 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing upon receipt of PCS orders. Members should provide any information regarding an impending promotion, an expected increase/maturation in family members, which would qualify member for more bedrooms within the next 12 months. A written statement from the Military Personnel Flight can serve as proof of selection for promotion and a physician s statement to confirm pregnancy. A member who submits an advance application is placed on the waiting list the first day of the month prior to the month the member departed CONUS. If member arrives later than the stated arrival month, the effective date of application can be adjusted. Members who elect not to submit an advance application will be considered as a walk-in. Applications may be mailed to 36 CES/CEH, Unit 14007, APO AP 96543-4007 or faxed at (671) 366-2402.

ELIGIBILITY: Military members in grades E-1 and above, entitled to Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at the with dependent rate (except military married to military) and serving the accompanied tour and authorized to be joined or accompanied by command-sponsored dependents are eligible. Single pregnant members may apply for housing 6 months prior to the expected delivery, however are not assigned quarters until after the birth and BAQ has been authorized.

U.S. civilian employees recruited from CONUS on a transportation agreement who are entitled to travel or return to CONUS at government expense and authorized to be joined or accompanied by command-sponsored dependents are eligible.

Military members living in the dorms who intend to marry another dorm resident may apply for housing 30 days prior to marriage. Members will not be allowed to move in until a copy of marriage certificate and a joint spouse approval form from Military Personnel Flight is provided.

BEDROOM ENTITLEMENTS: Bedroom entitlements are based on the following grade and family size or composition:

Hsg Cat Grades 2br 3br 4br GOQ O-7/10 X SGO O-6 X X FGO O-4/O-5 X X CGO O-1/O-3 X X X SNCO E-7/E-9 X X JNCO E-1/E-6 X X X

a. Field Grade Officers (FGO) and Senior NCOs (SNCO) will not be assigned less than a three bedroom unit. b. No child should share a bedroom with parents. c. Not more than two children should share a bedroom. d. A child of six years or over should not share a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex. e. A dependent of age 10 or over is entitled to a separate bedroom.

NOTE: If the housing inventory permits, Company Grade and Junior Enlisted members with two children, regardless of sex and age, will be placed on the three-bedroom waiting list.

WAITING LIST PRIORITIES: Priority 1: Command, Key and Essential positions take precedence. Priority 2: Members assigned or attached for duty at Andersen AFB.

Waiting lists are developed by: Effective Date of Application, Grade, Date of Rank, Length of Service, Date of Birth (Tie Breaker)

HOUSING AVAILABILITY: Upon in processing, members projected to move in to government quarters within 60 days of their arrival are authorized 60 days of Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA). Members projected to move in to government quarters beyond 60 days of their arrival are authorized a maximum of 30 days of TLA and are required to secure off base housing within the 30-day limitation.

The average wait time for on base housing varies from month-to-month. Shortages in some categories of housing are anticipated due to ongoing renovations of our housing units. We recommend that you verify the availability of housing in your category prior to departing for Guam through your sponsor or directly with the Andersen AFB housing office. You may be required to live off base until base housing is available. Some members elect to delay the arrival of their family until on base housing is available.

ASSIGNMENT POLICIES/PROCEDURES: Members are offered the first available unit consistent with their grade category and bedroom sizes entitlement. There is no personal preference option in order to allow effective utilization of housing assets and help reduce Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) expenditures. Members are usually given 24 hours (one day) to accept or decline the first unit offered. Members may exercise a turn down option without losing their respective place on the waiting list. Members on TLA, however, will be denied continued TLA on the day the first unit becomes available for occupancy. Members are afforded two housing offers. Members cannot request to be re-offered their first housing offer once declined. Members who exercise their second turn-down option are removed from the waiting list and not permitted to reapply for housing for 90 days.

UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE AND LOANER HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: The Family Services is located in Bldg 21000 and may be reached at 366-2163. You can check out household items (such as kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc.) until your unaccompanied baggage arrives. Personnel are authorized to ship unaccompanied baggage by Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), which is meant to expedite the receipt of these basic items required for immediate housekeeping. Most tenants have their unaccompanied baggage on island by the time their house is ready for move in. Please remember to include pillows and blankets and all necessities for basic housekeeping. TVs may be included in your unaccompanied baggage.

LOANER FURNITURE: The Furnishings Management Office (FMO) customer service is located in Bldg 1723, on Papaya Drive. Customer service hours are 0730-1530, Mon-Fri. Members must process through FMO with a copy of PCS orders to request for loaner furniture.

FMO provides a one-time issue and a one-time turn-in of loaner furnishings. All partial issues and turn-ins requested at a later date will be done by the member. Loaner furniture is available to accompanied personnel for a period of 90 days. This should allow enough time for your household goods to arrive. Unaccompanied personnel may borrow furniture for the entire tour of duty (15 months), if available. Members must contact FMO of any changes in tour status, DEROS extensions, etc. Loaner furniture consists of beds, dressers, cribs, dining table and chairs, sofa, arm chair, couch, coffee table, end tables and lamps.

HOUSING UNITS: Andersen AFB has 1390 housing units on base. The following breakout is provided for your information:

Hsg Cat Grades 2br 3br 4br Total GOQ O-7/10 1 1 SGO O-6 2 9 11 FGO O-4/O-5 74 11 85 CGO O-1/O-3 58 73 8 139 SNCO E-7/E-9 141 31 172 JNCO E-1/E-6 466 460 56 982

The housing at Andersen AFB has withstood numerous severe typhoons and a major earthquake. For this reason, you can feel safe in our housing. The houses are constructed of concrete block or concrete and may look somewhat different in design than what you are used to. Carpeting is also being installed during the change of occupancy maintenance.

All housing units have central air conditioning. Private window air conditioning units are not allowed in military family housing. Renovated and most unrenovated units have dishwashers installed. The electricity is a standard 110 volts, 60-cycle current.

LIMITED STORAGE SPACE: Housing units are equipped with refrigerators, electric stoves, washers, and dryers. Storage space is extremely limited. The housing units are smaller than what you are probably used to. Most of the housing does not have exterior storage for mowers, bicycle, etc. Some occupants have built a small storage shed in the carport area through a self-help project (Capehart). Metal storage sheds are prohibited due to typhoons. Bring only the furniture and items, which you feel you must have. Any excess will not be stored or returned to the states. You will not be assigned a larger housing unit because your personal furnishings are too large for the quarters. Do bring basic yard care items including a lawn mower and weed eater, if you already have them. Yard upkeep is stressed at Andersen AFB.

CARPORTS: All units in Capehart and Fleming Heights have carports. Roberts Terrace units do not have carports. Be sure to have your vehicle rust-proofed prior to shipping to Guam. The humidity here quickly rusts and corrodes metal.

FLOOR PLANS: The following floor plans are a sampling to give you an idea of the different layouts of our housing units. The plans are too numerous to provide a complete set in the brochure. Please remember that you are not guaranteed a certain floor plan of type of house. Once you are assigned a specific housing unit, we will be glad to provide you with the floor plan of your unit and basic window sizes. The average net square feet of our housing units are as follows:

Hsg Cat Grades 2br 3br 4br GOQ O-7/10 2801 SGO O-6 1465-1503 1592-1670 FGO O-4/O-5 1448-1503 1431-1608 CGO O-1/O-3 865-1198 1406-1448 1412-1608 SNCO E-7/E-9 1406-1547 1412-1670 JNCO E-1/E-6 865-1198 1226-1547 1233-1608


The Consolidated Dormitory Management (CDM) office is located in Bldg 25007, Saipan Hall, and may be reached at DSN (671) 366-2725. All new arrivals authorized to reside on base or off base must report to CDM. All enlisted personnel in grades E-5 through E-9 will be required to reside off base. Full JFTR weight allowance is authorized, for grades E-5 through E-9 only.

There are five Air Force managed dormitories. Four Unaccompanied Enlisted Quarters (UEQ) and one Unaccompanied Non-Commissioned Officer Quarters (UNCOQ). The UEQ are within walking distance of most base services, such as the dining facility, base exchange, commissary, gym and the consolidated club. The UNCOQ is located at Det-5, Northwest Field, five miles from the main gate. There is no shuttle service or public transportation to and from the UNCOQ.

Unaccompanied Officer Quarters (UOQ) are no longer available on Andersen.

ASSIGNMENT PRIORITIES: Quarters are assigned according to the following priorities:

PRIORITY 1 - Space Required. Personnel (all grades) required to live on base for reasons of military necessity, readiness, or discipline.

PRIORITY 2 - Space Required. Personnel in grades E-1 through E-4. Included in this category are:

1. Unaccompanied personnel not entitled to travel of family members and transportation of household goods.

2. A military member married to another military member when geographically separated and not accompanied by any family member.

3. Personnel receiving BAH differential (BAH-DIFF).

PRIORITY 3 - Space Available. Unmarried (single) personnel in grades E-5 through E-9, beginning with the most junior person.

PRIORITY 4 - Space Available. Unaccompanied (with dependent) personnel in grades E-1 through E-9, beginning with the most junior person.

NOTE: Personnel residing in dormitories will sign a statement acknowledging that they are occupying unaccompanied housing on a space available base and may be asked to terminate given 30 days notice.

BASIC ALLOWANCE FOR HOUSING (BAH): Involuntary assignment into government quarters applies only to personnel in grades E-4 and below. Personnel in grades E-5 and above are not involuntarily assigned to unaccompanied quarters, unless required for military necessity, readiness or discipline. For eligible personnel, BAH and Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) are authorized through the housing flight. BAH can also be authorized for personnel on the basewide BAH waiting list, when the base occupancy rate exceeds 90% and the installation commander approves release.

Andersen AFB: Housing
Government Housing

Name : Housing Referral Office
Phone : 366-2127/8143 Fax : 366-4644
Comment :
Hours:  0730-1530, M-F

Name : Billeting Office
Phone : 366-6130/8144/8201 Fax : 366-6364
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Hours:  24 hrs.
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