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  • Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, CA

  •  Tracy, CA

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Mission: Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin serves as Defense Logistics Agency's primary distribution point to the western contiguous states and the pacific area for materiel distribution of a wide variety of items.

Telephone access: Sharpe/Tracy DSN: 462-xxxx Sharpe COM: (209) 982-xxxx Tracy COM: (209) 839-xxxx Sharpe/Tracy Operator: (209) 982-2000 Sharpe/Tracy On-site dialing: 2-xxxx

Fact Sheet:

The San Joaquin Depot is made up of distribution facilities at two separate locations--Tracy and Lathrop. The depot receives, stores and ships supplies to military customers located mainly in the western U.S. and the Pacific Theater of operations, and in some cases worldwide. The San Joaquin Depot is one of two Primary Distribution Sites that belong to a 22-depot Defense Distribution Center headquartered in New Cumberland, PA. Overall management is provided by the Defense Logistics Agency located at Fort Belvoir, VA, which oversees the management of 4.1 million items and 360,000 prime contracts valued at $900 billion for the Department of Defense.

As a Primary Distribution Site, the depot serves as a west coast hub of distribution activities, stocking the items commonly ordered by the military services. Most items fall into categories that include food, clothing and textiles, medical supplies and equipment, construction materials, electrical supplies and components, tires for both vehicles and aircraft, and secondary repair parts. The depot is situated at a transportation corssroads which can easily accommodate a monthly average of 49,800 receipts and 311,000 shipments.

The depot maintains a Consolidation and Containerization Point that operates much like a cross docking, freight forwarding business. Items from other depots, independent vendors and other government agencies are shipped to a warehouse at the Lathrop facility where they are consolidated into vans or on special air pallets for shipment to the customer overseas. On a monthly average 490 sea-going vans and 360 air pallets will be shipped from the Consolidation and Containerization Point. The efficient cube utilization of this operation nets millions of dollars in transportation savings for taxpayers.

There has been a recent surge in inventory at the San Joaquin Depot. As a result of the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure proceedings, approximately 728,500 items of stock were relocated to the San Joaquin Depot from depots in Ogden, Utah; McClellan AFB, CA; and Kelly AFB, Texas.

In terms of economic impact, the depot employs a workforce of approximately 2,000 with a payroll of $87.3 million. Total annual operating costs for the depot amount to $264 million which includes salaries, transportation, utilities, supplies and contracts.

*See specific directions on how to get to Sharpe Facility from the airports under Category INSTALLATION, Subject Area, MUST KNOW ITEMS.

Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Relocation Assistance POC : David Hanneke
Address : Administrative Services Division, Quality of Life, DDJC-I, Bldg S-12
City : Tracy State : CA Zip : 95376
Phone : (209) 839-4050/DSN 462-4050 Fax : (209) 839-4903/DSN 462-4903
DSN Phone : 462-4050 DSN Fax : 462-4903
Email : dhanneke@ddc.dla.mil
Comment :
The Relocation and Transition Assistance programs office is now in Bldg. 101 at the Tracy site.  My hours are Monday-Thursday 0730-1600 and Friday 0700-1530.  Please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Base Operator
DSN: 462-4050
(209) 839-4050

Major Units

(209) 982-2230/DSN 462-2230

Mailing Address
25600 South Chrisman Rd.
Tracy, CA

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