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  • Bad Aibling, Germany

  •  Bad Aibling, Germany

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In all probability Adolph Hitler had made plans as early as 1934-1935 for the annexation of Austria and the Sudentenland to the third Reich. A part of this plan was the construction of airfields in Southern Germany to provide air support for these operations, and the Bad Aibling airfield was one of these. Plans for the camp were drawn up in February 1936. Highly skilled architects were selected from all over Germany to collaborate on these plans. (An indication of their importance is the fact that actual construction was begun in May 1936, only three months after planning commenced.) Although the last buildings were not finished until the Spring of 1941, the first troops arrived in February 1937 and the first planes were delivered in July 1937. The "peacetime" strength of the camp as defined in that turbulent era, was 1,000 officers and men. This figure was tripled when the large scale actual war began in 1939. The famed Messerschmidt fighter (ME-109) was based here at first, giving the camp the nickname of "Jaegerplatz" (Hunter's Place). Even in that short period from May until September the design and development of aircraft had progressed to such an extent that the newer fighters were too heavy for the field. As a consequence, the camp was converted to a primary flight training base and remained such until the cessation of hostilities. The development of jet trainers overtaxed the field to the extent that a plan was under consideration to utilize the center strip of the autobahn as a field, but the war ended before this plan could be realized. The camp was built at a cost of 20 million reichsmarks and employed 3,000 people in its construction. An interesting historical sidelight is the fact that during the initial stages of excavation, graves were found which dated back to the 30 Years War with Sweden in 1618. This created an appreciable furor in historical and archaeological circles. The field was strafed and bombed in the latter stages of the war, but no damage was done to the camp proper. After the war ended the camp was utilized as a Prisoner of War camp. The majority of the prisoners were from the German southern Army Group in Italy, plus local political prisoners. This number was increased when several German Generals came from Northern Germany to avoid capture by the Russians. After this period, it was utilized by UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency), IRO (International Refugee Organization) and as a combination displaced persons camp and orphanage. The U.S. Army took over the camp in 1952; The Department of Defense assumed control from 1972 to 1994. In 1994, the U.S. Army once again assumed control.

Location: Southeastern Germany. 35 miles southeast of Munich.

Major Command: INSCOM (Intelligence & Security Command)

Mission: Rapid Radio Relay & Secure Commo,Support to DOD and Unified Commands, Medium & Long Haul Commo HF & Satellite,Communications Physics Research,Test and Evaluate Commo Equipment

Population Assigned:746 Personnel

Family Members:900 Family Members

Bad Aibling Station: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Bad Aibling Station
Address : CMR 407 Bldg. 320, Rm. 212
City : APO   Zip : 09098
Phone : 011498061385016/4042 Fax : 011498061385700
DSN Phone : 441-3701 0r 441-3758 DSN Fax :
Comment :
HOURS: MON/FRI:  0800-1200/1300-1615

Base Operator
DSN: 441-3701/3758

Major Units
Air Force-402ND Intelligence Squadron
C Company 66th MI Group
718th MI GROUP

DSN: 441-3893

Mailing Address
not available

Driving Directions
not available