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  • MCLB Barstow, CA

  •  Barstow, CA

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The Marine Corps Logistics Base is located 134 miles east of Los Angeles and 152 miles southwest of Las Vegas in the San Bernardino County High Desert. The City of Barstow has a population of over 22,000.

Major Commands include: Command Headquarters, Special Staff Offices (including the Office of General Counsel, Base Inspector, Quality Management, SJA, Public Affairs, Chaplain, Information Systems, Communications), Heatquarters Battalion, Comptroller, Marine Corps Family Team Building/Semper Fit, Public Safety, Installation & Logistics, Maintenance Center, Facilities Services Center, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), DRMO.

The mission of the Logistics Base is to procure, maintain, repair and rebuild, store, and distribute supplies and equipment as assigned; to conduct such schools and training as may be directed; and to perform such tasks and functions as may be directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps or the Commander, MCLB-Albany, GA. These services are generally provided to Marine Corps forces west of the Mississippi River and to the Far East. The counter- part to MCLB-Barstow is located in Albany and supplies nstallations east of the Mississippi. The desert site was chosen for two reasons. First, it has excellent outdoor storage conditions (made possible by the absence of rainfall and low humidity) which limits mold, rust and mildew to the equipment. The outdoor cost of storage is minimal compared to the cost of erecting warehouses to store large items like tanks, cranes and other heavy equipment. The second reason is the availability of transportation. Barstow is served by three major highways - Interstates 15 and 40, both of which pass by the Base, and State Highway 58. Barstow also intersects 2 of America's busiest cross-country railroads, the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe and the Union Pacific, all of which make possible the receiving and rapid shipment to vital supplies and equipment to any part of the United States. In addition, emergency shipments can be airlifted from the Daggett Airport, located 14 miles east of MCLB-Nebo area and 7 miles east of MCLB-Yermo Annex. Daggett has 6,000 feet of runway, allowing large aircraft to land there. The base employs a combined military-civilian work force. The highly technical nature of the work done there requires a stable work force that can be best achieved by career civilians. At the same time, Marines posted to the fleet from Barstow carry with them an intimate acquaintance with the most advanced technical knowledge in their respective fields, this increasing the capabilities of the field commander. Some 500 Marines and sailors work side-by-side with approximately 1,500 civilian employees, in many instances performing identical work. The Departments are directed by a Marine Officer, except for the Comptroller Department, and many tenants and division heads are headed by civilian employees.

Active duty military are approximately 500 (Navy & Marines); Family members living here are approximately 1,000; Retirees living in a 30 mile radius number approximately 8,000; Civilian employees number around 2,500; Army Personnel living on base are around 230 personnel and their families.

Base Operator - DSN 282-6444 commercial 760-577-6444 Duty Officer - DSN 282-6611 commercial 760-577-6611

HISTORY - The Marine Corps Logistics Base, presently the 2nd largest employer in the Barstow area, was established at its present location on December 28, 1942, when the United States Navy turned it over to the Marine Corps. It had originally been planned as a naval supply depot, but the Chief of Naval Operations directed that the facility be transferred to the Marine Corps as a storage site for supplies and equipment needed for the Fleet Marine Forces in the Pacific theater during World War II. It was then known as the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies and was under the military command of the Commanding General, Marine Corps Depot of Supplies in San Francisco, CA. The first local commander was Major David F. Ross. The land was purchased from several individuals, including the family of Walter Ross, whose tomb is located on the base in the Nebo area and is given perpetual care by the Marine Corps. By the end of WWII in 1945, the depot had outgrown it original facilities. In October of 1946, a 2,000-acre holding and re-consignment point belonging to the Army was annexed by the depot. Located 3 miles west of the town of Yermo, this became the Yermo-Annex. In 1954 the Commanding General, Marine Corps Depot of Supplies, moved his flag from San Francisco to Barstow. Since that time, the Logistics Base has grown in stature, strength and size. On November 1, 1978, the base was re-designated to its present title to emphasize its broad support mission. The base is divided into 2 areas, Nebo and the Yermo Annex. The base headquarters as well as administrative, storage, shopping, recreational and housing facilities are located at Nebo. Nebo is a Biblical word, and at one time, on the site where the base headquarters is now located, Mormon settlers organized the Nebo Sheep Company. Then the railroad came and when a name was needed for the railhead, Nebo was chosen. Thus, when the base was activated in 1942, its railhead name was Nebo, which has been translated to mean "Little Shepherd." History tells us that at least 3 Indian tribes lived in and around the Barstow-Yermo area. The word Yermo, according to longtime residents of the town of Yermo, is an Indian word meaning "Desert Flower." MCB repair facility is located at the Yermo Annex as well as the base stables, Obregon Park, and the bulk of Fleet Support Division's outdoor storage.

MCLB Barstow: Installation
Installation Overview

City : Barstow State : CA Zip : 92311-5000
Phone : 760-577-6555 OR DSN 282-6555 Fax : 760-577-6805
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Base Operator
not available

Major Units
Headquarters Battalion
Defense Distribution Depot

(760) 577-6418

Mailing Address
Box 110600 M&FS, MCLB Bldg 129
Barstow, CA

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