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  • Defense Supply Ctr Richmond, VA

  •  Richmond, VA

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Defense Supply Center Richmond is the aviation supply and demand chain manager for the Defense Logistics Agency and serves within the DoD as the primary source of supply for more than 1.2 million repair parts and operating supply items. DSCR's mission is to provide best value aviation weapon systems and environmental logistics support to America's armed forces–on land, at sea and in the air. DSCR serves as the single touch point for DLA's aviation customers and tailors logistical solutions and initiatives that meet the needs of the nation's warfighters.

DSCR's core mission is to supply products with a direct application to aviation. Its primary customers are the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, however it also supports other government agencies. The aviation items DSCR provides include a mix of military-unique items supporting over 1,300 major weapons systems, including critical, safety-of-flight air frame structural components, airframes, landing gear, propeller systems and aircraft engine parts. DSCR's other supply chains include: commodities, such as chemicals, electrical hardware, and batteries; maps in digital and hardcopy format; industrial plant equipment, including lathes and metalworking machinery; and environmental products. DSCR has aviation detachments in Columbus, Ohio, Philadelphia, Penn., and across the United States in strategic forward locations alongside its military customers. DSCR also operates an industrial plant equipment repair facility in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

The value of the products and services DSCR provides as the aviation supply chain manager for DLA exceeds $3.6 billion annually. DSCR handles more than 5.3 million requisitions and supports 24,500 customers per year.

These, however, are only a few of the facts which make the installation a notable spot on the area landscape. Also known as Bellwood, the center occupies one of the oldest inhabited parcels of land in the United States. The land felt the presence of English settlers just 12 years after colonists first arrived at Jamestown in 1607 and has stood witness to the panorama of the nation's history for almost four centuries. Thomas Sheffield was its first owner, receiving a royal land grant of 2,300 acres from the Crown of England in 1619.

Sheffield's tenure on the land was short-lived, however. He and a group of ten settlers, including his family, were killed in an Indian attack in March of 1622. A later owner, Richard Gregory of Dinwiddie, bought approximately 1,000 acres and built a dwelling house between 1797 and 1804. The estate also played a role in the War Between the States. Gregory, at his death, left the bulk of his estate to his son, who in turn passed it to Major Augustus Drewry and his wife, Lavinia, who was Richard Gregory's granddaughter.

During Drewry's ownership, the Confederates erected a fort known as Drewry's Bluff, or Fort Darling, on the property on the James River. There they defended Richmond from attacks by Union gunboats. In May 1864 Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard made the family home his headquarters. It also served as a meeting place between Beauregard and President Jefferson Davis when they conferred on a plan to halt the Union advance on Richmond.

In 1887 the entire property was sold to James Bellwood, a Canadian agriculturist seeking a more temperate climate for reasons of his health. Over the years, Bellwood and his three sons transformed their 2,400 acre farm into a model of agriculture for Virginia and the South. He also added a pair of mated elk to the then famous farm.

The Army purchased the property in 1941 -- along with the Bellwood elk herd -- and construction began in August of that year. The Richmond General Depot was activated in January 1942 under the command of Lt. Col. Turner R. Sharp, Quartermaster Corps. By March, supplies were rolling in and out. The depot employed more than 8,450 people during the peak years of World War II. On a single day in March, more than 850 rail cars were dispatched and received. During the depot's first 30 months of operation, the tonnage shipped, if converted to a solid freight train, would stretch well over 1,000 miles. Throughout these decades of construction and activity, the family dwelling has remained and has served as the installation officers' club since 1942. It is on the Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places and is an officially-registered historic landmark in both Virginia and Chesterfield County. The club is a popular choice of employees, area residents, and civic and business organizations for their meetings, receptions and other social gatherings. The elk herd has also remained, and today has become synonymous with the name Defense Supply Center Richmond. The installation has undergone several name changes during the past 55 years. The most recent was in December 1995 when Base Closure and Realignment Commission decisions changed the center's mission from one of general supplies to weapon systems support. It now manages a mix of military-unique items supporting over 1,300 major weapon systems and other items readily available in the commercial market. The center has also evolved from the traditional, military method of operation by restructuring and adopting commercial business practices, such as electronic commerce, creating a customer call center, long-term and corporate contracts, and direct vendor delivery as opposed to stock shipments. The Bellwood workforce is ever mindful of its heritage and responsibility to the community as it positions itself to face the challenges of the future, both in mission and technology. It continuously pursues its commitment to process improvement to increase efficiency and productivity, providing ever-increasing support to its military and federal customers

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Base Operator
DSN: 695-5037

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Mailing Address
8000 Jefferson Davis Hwy, ATTN: DSCR-SQ-RAP, Bldg 33 E Bay Room #9
Richmond, VA

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