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  • NS Ingleside, TX

  •  Ingleside, TX

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Naval Station Ingleside is located on the northern shore of Corpus Christi Bay, 12 miles northeast of the city of Corpus Christi, about 150 miles south of San Antonio, and approximately 200 miles south of Houston. This region is known as the Coastal Bend. The Naval Station is ideally situated astride the Corpus Christi ship channel, a deep-water artery which links the Port of Corpus Christi with the Gulf of Mexico.

Mission: Support all commands of the "Mine Warfare Center of Excellence", enabling them to meet 100 percent of their missions, while constantly improving the quality of life for all.

Telephone Access: The area code for this region is now 361. The commercial and DSN prefixes are 776-XXXX.

History: A groundbreaking ceremony on February 20, 1988, marked the beginning of what we know today as Naval Station Ingleside. On April 9, 1990, the Station and the community dedicated Hayden W. Head Boulevard, the main thoroughfare providing access from the community to the Station.

Named for a distinguished citizen of South Texas who played a major role in bringing Naval Station Ingleside to the Coastal Bend, this event symbolized the partnership between the Navy and South Texas in the common enterprise of Naval Station Ingleside. That same month, the Station received its first unit of the Operating Forces of the Navy on-berth when USS LEXINGTON (AVT 16) visited Corpus Christi Bay.

Work on the various military construction projects proceeded to the point where the Chief of Naval Operations established Naval Station Ingleside as an activity of the Shore Establishment of the Department of the Navy in a "development" status as of June 1, 1990. By September 1990, sufficient construction had been completed to permit Naval Station Ingleside's military and civilian "plankowners" to move aboard the Station from temporary office and working spaces in the community.

Later that same month, the Naval Station's modern and very capable waterfront was dedicated. The "move aboard" was completed when the Station accepted the Headquarters Building on December 14, 1990.

Although originally planned as the homeport of a training aircraft carrier, USS LEXINGTON, and a battleship, USS WISCONSIN (BB 64) and its surface action group, changes in the Navy's force structure caused these ships to be decommissioned. However, on May 3, 1991, the Secretary of the Navy announced plans to homeport Avenger Class mine countermeasures ships and Osprey Class coastal mine hunters at Ingleside. Construction continued to support was was now designated the Navy's "Mine Center of Excellence".

The Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commander of the revitalized Mine Warfare Command made good on the commitment when USS SCOUT (MCM 8) reported to its new homeport at Ingleside on June 25, 1992. Two weeks later, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, placed Naval Station Ingleside in an "operation" status on July 6, 1992, during the same ceremony that marked the Station's first change of command.

The Navy continues the process of consolidating the operations and training of its mine countermeasures forces in South Texas under the leadership of Commander, Mine Warfare Command. Naval Station Ingleside is a vital component of this concept of operations. The plans to homeport 24 of the Navy's newest mine countermeasures ships and coastal mine hunters at Ingleside came to relaity on 24 April 1999. The mine countermeasures command and control ship, USS INCHON (MCS 12) arrived at Naval Station Ingleside in the summer of 1996 for homeporting.

At present, the Station is homeport to 12 Avenger Class mine countermeasures ships. Also 12 Osprey Class coastal mine hunters call Ingleside home. The face of the waterfront, as well as the Naval Station, has changed dramatically since June 1992, and will continue to change into the next century as its development as part of the Navy's "Mine Warfare Center of Excellence" continues, and the Navy continues to forge ahead as the premier mine warfare force among the world's navies.

In addition to the ships, the shore facilities at Naval Station Ingleside include a Headquarters Building which also houses MWR, PSD, Post Office, the Squadrons, etc.; a Fire and Security Station; a Public Works Building; a Supply Warehouse; a Repair Facility known as SIMA; the Fleet Mine Warfare Training Center; a Magazine Complex for ammunition storage; a Bachelor Enlisted Quarters and Galley; a USO; a Medical/Dental Clinic; a Navy Exchange; a Physical Fitness Complex; Pool; Tennis Courts; and a state-of-the-art waterfront with 4,600 feet of ship berthing space and a double-deck pier.

The Family Service Center, Personal Property Office, Housing Referral Office, Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society, and other special services are located in a same mall complex, which is located OFF-BASE at 2370 Highway 361 in Ingleside.

Many military people assigned to Naval Station Ingleside find the Coastal Bend area a recreational paradise. About 3,400 Navy people call the Naval Station their workplace. More than half of these people have families. There is a diverse composition of Navy ranks and professions, too. From Captains to Seamen, and from Civilian Engineers to Supply Officers to Surface Warriors, Naval Station Ingleside offers a broad slice of what today's high-tech Navy does.

Naval Station Ingleside: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Command Duty Officer POC : CDO
Address : Building 100, NAVSTA
City : Ingleside State : TX Zip : 78362-5000
Phone : (361) 779-9552 (Pager Number) Fax :

Name : Family Service Center
Address : 2370 Highway 361
City : Ingleside State : TX Zip : 78362-5000
Phone : (361) 776-4551 Fax : (361) 776-4558
DSN Phone : 776-4551 DSN Fax : 776-4558
Comment :
Please contact the Family Service Center for assistance. Hours of operation are 0800-1630 (Monday through Friday, except Holidays).

Name : Housing Referral Office
Address : 2364 Highway 361
City : Ingleside State : TX Zip : 78362
Phone : (361) 776-4562 Fax : (361) 776-4559
DSN Phone : 776-4562 DSN Fax : 776-4559
Comment :
Hours of Operation:  0800-1600 M-F (Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays)

Name : Personal Property Office
Address : 2364 Highway 361
City : Ingleside State : TX Zip : 78362
Phone : (361) 776-4555 Fax : (361) 776-4559
DSN Phone : 776-4555 DSN Fax : 776-4559
Comment :
Hours of Operation:  0700-1530 M-F (Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays)
Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN: 776-4201
(361) 776-4201

Major Units
Fleet Industrial Supply Center Ingleside
Regional Support Group
Mine Countermeasures Squadrons 1 & 2

DSN: 776-4420
(361) 776-4420

Mailing Address
Navy Fleet & Family Support Center, 2370 Highway 361
Ingleside, TX

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