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  • Soldier Systems Center, MA

  •  Middlesex County, MA

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LOCATION - Welcome to Massachusetts, home of The U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (SSC. It is located in the town of Natick, Massachusetts, about 17 miles west of Boston. The installation is situated in a beautiful location, has small housing areas scattered among the surrounding towns, is served by some of the best public schools in the country, and is next door to one of the most interesting cities in the nation. It is a vibrant and exciting place to live and work.

HISTORY - SSC is responsible for the technology, development and engineering, fielding, and sustainment of our military's food, clothing, shelters, airdrop systems, and Soldier support items that protect and sustain America's military forces.

MISSION - To effectively serve the customer, SSC is focused on providing life-cycle management for the products it develops, fields, and sustains.  To accomplish this goal, SSC partners are comprised of Science and Technology Centers, Program/Product/Project Management teams and Integrated Logistics Support Center.  These groups work together across the life-cycle management spectrum ensuring the best products for our troops.

SSC's Science and Technology Centers include:
Natick Soldier Center
       ·U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
       ·U.S. Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility
       ·U.S. Coast Guard Clothing Design and Technical

Program/Project/Product Management include:
       ·Product Manager - Force Sustainment Systems
       ·Elements of Product Manager - Clothing & Individual Equipment

POPULATION SERVED - The SSC employs approximately 2000 personnel. This includes all government personnel, contractors (temporary and longer term), and military personnel. Since the installation is small, it does not have the typical range of support services found on larger installations.  

Comprised of several DoD partners working together to leverage their expertise and technology, the SSC is a Warrior-focused facility that meets the needs of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and U.S. Coast Guardmen.  Additionally, embedded with the Natick Soldier center, one of the resident organizations is the National Protection Center that works with America's First Responder community helping them transition to private sector using the latest technologies developed by the military for the War on Terrorism
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Base Operator
DSN: 256-4798

Major Units
Army Institute of Environmental Medicine

not available

Mailing Address
14 Kansas Street
Natick, MA

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