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  • Kunsan AB, South Korea


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Postal Service

The Kunsan Post Office is the Air Force extension of the U.S. Postal Service in Korea. With some exceptions anything that can be legally mailed in the U.S. can be mailed from military Post Offices in Korea. Special services such as registry, certified, insured, return receipt, and money orders are available for purchase.

Personal mail boxes can be assigned no earlier than 30 days prior to arrival. Send your sponsor a copy of your permanent change of station (PCS) travel orders and request a personal mail box. Your sponsor should let you know what your new mailbox number is prior to PCSing so you can notify family, friends, publishers, and businesses.

Or, receive an advance mailbox by faxing our office (DSN 782-4245) a copy of your PCS travel orders. We will verify your assignment and return your mailbox number via return e-mail. Be sure to include your e-mail address when requesting an advance mailbox.

Phone Service

Telephone service at Kunsan includes DSN and commercial access. To place DSN calls within the Pacific AOR, dial the seven digit number for that base. Calling Alaska requires dialing 317 and the seven digit number. Calls to the Continental United States for official military business requires dialing 312 and the seven digit number, or they can be placed through the operator at 782-1110.

Commercial access is available on base for calls to the United States using the AT&T; US Direct Service, by calling 550-HOME, or through MCI at 550-2255. To call from the United States to Korea commercially, dial 011-82-63-470-XXXX to get any extension on Kunsan.

Morale Calls

You may make six 15-minute morale calls each month. Morale calls may be made from Kunsan by dialing 782-5497. Morale calls may not be placed Tuesday-Thursday 0600-1100 (local time) and during ORIs, exercises, or minimizes.

Electronic Mail

The commander's policy at Kunsan allows and encourages people assigned here to use e-mail for personal communication. E-mail is available in most offices and can also be connected to dormitory rooms with an existing phone line.


Kunsan AB is located on the western side of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the yellow sea. It is approximately 150 miles south of Seoul. The base is named after Kunsan City, a port town seven and a half miles east of the installation. Many interesting sites, to include temples and historical landmarks are within an easy driving distance.


Kunsan AB is home to the 8th Fighter Wing made up of two F-16 fighter squadrons, the 35th Fighter Squadron's history fact and the 80th Fighter Squadron's history fact. More information is available on the Kunsan Air Base Home Page under the section entitled About Kunsan.


"Defend the Base, Accept Follow-on Forces, Take the Fight North."
Major Command: Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)
Primary Weapon Systems: F-16 Fighting Falcon


Military (U.S. Air Force): 2750; Military (U.S. Army): 185
U.S. DoD Civilian: 28; Korean Nationals: 450; Family Members: 50~150


We recommend you ask for a sponsor at least 90 days before you depart your present assignment. Contact the Intro monitor in the military personnel flight at your current base. The Intro program manager will help you get a sponsor. Once you receive your orders, forward a copy to your sponsor. If you are unable to contact your sponsor, call the orderly room at your gaining unit or your local Family Support Center.

All personnel PCSing to Kunsan will arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN), located about 25 miles west of Seal, Korea. After arriving at ICN you will go through Immigrations and then Customs. Due to the mission at Kunsan, sponsors may not be able to meet incoming personnel at Incheon. After exiting the secure area turn right and walk to the end of the Air Terminal. There is a U.S. Military counter there with military personnel in uniform waiting to assist you with any questions you have. Check with them on the bus schedule and catch the next bus to Kunsan Air Base. Once you arrive at Kunsan your sponsor should meet you and take you to the Billeting Office.

If you do not have a mail box your mailing address will be as follows: Rank, Name, PSC 2 Box 5000,APO AP 96264


You or your sponsor can make you reservations in advance. For more information and Reservations check go to the Temporary Quarters topic or call the Kunsan Billeting Office, also known as the Sea Side Inn at the number below:
COM: 011-82-63-470-4604/4743, DSN Phone: (315)782-4604/4743


If you need any assistance contact the Military Personnel Flight, INTRO DSN (315) 782-5276 or the Family Support Center, Relocation Assistance Manager at DSN (315)782-5644. Every Friday there is a Newcomers Briefing at the Base Theater. Kunsan is a remote duty station and does not have a loan closet.


Kunsan AB is a true remote assignment. It is much more austere than Osan AB. We are not configured to provide adequate support to family members and when we try, it often comes at the expense of the permanent party people.
Therefore, no 8 FW active duty military members will be authorized to live off base without Wolf approval. This includes those who intend to bring non-command sponsored dependents to Korea or already have non-command sponsored dependents in country.

While you have probably seen numerous accounts of violent anti- American protests depicted on the evening news back home, the truth is that very few Americans have been affected by them. The Korean government has taken steps to ensure the safety of Americans and property, including the promise of tougher penalties for those who engage in violent protest. But just as in America, citizens have a right to demonstrate against what is perceived to be an unjust policy or law.

U.S. officials have placed some restaurants and clubs off limits because of possible food or water contamination, unsanitary restrooms, history of sexually transmitted diseases, or availability of drugs. Safety factors such as fire hazards or no clear evacuation route may also cause a business to be placed off limits. The use of natural bodies of water for swimming is prohibited for military people in Korea, unless approved by commanders. These places are off limits because of possible contaminated water, lack of adequate lifeguards, and/or enforcement of safety rules/procedures.

BDUs are the uniform of the day. Have one set available in your accompanied baggage. Kunsan AB has many exercises and you may be arriving during one.

There are two banking agencies located on Kunsan AB. The USA Federal Credit Union and the Community Bank, which is affiliated with the Bank of America.

Currency; The WON (Korean Currency) exchange rate is approximately 950 WON to the American Dollar (subject to change).

Must Know Items

FSC/ACS Director Avenu C
Bldg 755, Room 127
APO, AP 96264
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5644/5627
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5627
Fax: 011-82-63-470-4019
DSN: (315) 782-5644/5627
8 MSS/ DPF Family Support Center Open Mon - Fri, 0800-1700
Mailing Address 8 MSS/DPF-RAP
UNIT 2102
APO, AP 96264-2102
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5644/5627
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5627
Fax: 011-82-63-470-4019
DSN: (315) 782-5644/5627
DSN Fax: (315) 782-4019
Mailing Adress for Kunsan AB Family Support Center
Official Homepage
URL: http://www.kunsan.af.mil
Kunsan AB Homepage
Package Delivery Address 8 MSS/DPF
Unit 2102
APO, AP 96264
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5644/5627
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5627
Fax: 011-82-63-470-4019
DSN: (315) 782-5644/5627
Same as the Mailing Address for the Kunsan Family Support Center
RAM Avenu C
APO, AP 96264
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5644/5627
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5627
Fax: 011-82-63-470-4019
DSN: (315) 782-5502
8 MSS/DPF Family Support Center Relocation Assistance Manager Open Mon - Fri, 0800 - 1700
Relocation Assistant Avenu C
Bldg 755, Room 127
APO, AP 96264
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5644/5627
Phone: 011-82-63-470-5627
Fax: 011-82-63-470-4019
DSN: (315) 782-5644/5627
8 MSS/DPF Family Support Center Relocation Assistant Program Open Mon - Fri, 0800 - 1700
Street Address HW 26
Gunsan, 96264-2102
Korea, South
Phone: 011-82-63-470-1110
DSN: (315) 782-1110
Kunsan Air Base
Official Installation Link

Base Operator

Major Units
8th Fighter Wing
35th Figther Squadron
80th Fighter Squadron

DSN: 315-782-4604

Mailing Address
8 MSS/DPF-RAP, Unit 2102

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