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  • Camp Humphreys, South Korea

  •  55 mi. S of Seoul

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Camp Humphreys is one of Korea's fastest growing Army installations. It is the headquarters location for support of Eight United States Army and United States Forces Korea units south of Seoul and north of Taejon that includes units at Wonju (Camp Long & Camp Eagle), North East of Camp Humphreys. In addition to an Army airfield, there are US Army and USAF direct support, transportation, plus tactical units located here with about 4,500 military personnel and nearly 900 family members. The installation covers an area about one mile wide and two miles long.

The Installation has made a lot of progress in upgrading its infrastructure by replacing most of the Korean War vintage Quonset huts with new buildings and several ongoing facility upgrades. The newest addition to Camp Humphreys is the new Community Activity Center. The new center houses an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool and two sauna's. Also included are game rooms, music rooms, a multi-purpose meeting room, flower shop, a delicatessen and more. By the year 2003, nearly 250 million dollars worth of construction will have been completed, that will include new barracks, officers quarters as well as family housing for soldiers as well as civilians.

Camp Humphreys is located 55 miles south of Seoul on Highway #1 and eight miles east-southeast of Highway #1 on highway #45. It is eight miles west of the Bay of Asan on the West coast of Korean peninsula.

Camp Humphreys was known as the Pyongtaek Airfield during the Korean War. The airfield was initially constructed by the Japanese in 1919 during their occupation of Korea. After WWII broke out, the U.S. Air Force repaired and built a new runway to accommodate the Marine Air Group and the 6147th Tactical Control Group.

In 1962, the airfield was renamed Camp Humphreys, in honor of CWO Benjamin K. Humphreys, of the 4th Transportation Company, who died in a helicopter accident near here. The Humphreys District Command was activated in 1964 as a separate installation command of the Eighth U.S. Army. Later it was re-designated as the 23rd Direct Support Group which provided all direct support; supply and maintenance; storage of all conventional ammunition in Korea; AG publications and training aides; and operated the Eighth Army Milk Plant.

In 1974, with the activation of the 19th Support Brigade, Camp Humphreys was re-designated as U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Humphreys. USAG-CH was still basically responsible for all affairs affecting personnel stationed at Camp Humphreys, but the 19th Support Command was responsible for all support activities vital to the Eighth Army Command. Those units formerly reporting to the 23rd Direct Support Group reported to the 19th Support Command in Taegu. Only the basic functions remained with USAF-Camp Humphreys. Later, the 23rd Direct Support Group and 19th Support were renamed 23rd Support Group and 19th Theater Army Area Command.

Camp Humphreys is currently a component of the 19th Theater Army Area Command (19th TAACOM) and houses three major units all commanded by Colonels. The United States Army Support Activity Area III was established on 17 June 1996. The Support Activity is responsible for the peacetime support mission for Camp Humphreys, Camp Long and Camp Eagle by preparing for tactical operations, and safeguarding personnel, facilities and property. Prior to the activation of the Support Activity, those responsibilities fell to the 23rd Support Group. During a reorganization process, the 23rd Support Group was redesignated the 23rd Area Support Group responsible for the wartime support mission for Area III. The 6th Cavalry Brigade stood up its headquarters at Camp Humphreys, Korea on 24 July 1996. They provide the warfighting capabilities of the AH-64 Apache for USFK and EUSA.

Camp Humphreys: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Relocation Assistance Program
Address : US Army Support Activity & Area III, Unit # 15716, ATTN: EANC-HG-CA-ACS
City : APO   Zip : 96271-0716
Phone : 753-8804; 82-31-690-8804 Fax : 753-6295 82 (333) 690-6295 (com)
Comment :
For answers to specific questions about PCS to Camp Humphreys or about material in this SITES packet e-mail spearmanb@korea.army.mil
Please direct any comments, corrections or suggestions to the above.  Recommendations for improvement will be greatly appreciated.  We want this publication to meet your needs so let us know how--Relocation Staff.

Base Operator
DSN 753-6108

Major Units
194th Maintenance BN
23rd Support Group
377th Medical Co.

DSN 753-7355

Mailing Address
USA Area III Support Activity, Unit # 15716, Camp Humphreys

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