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  • Torii Station, Japan

  •  Torii, Okinawa, Japan

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COMMANDER 10th Area Support Group, Unit #35115 ATTN: APAJ-GOF-A APO AP 96376-5115


The bases on Okinawa are direct dial capable. To direct dial from outside Japan start by dialing the international prefix. The international prefix is 011. The next set of numbers is used to route the call to the proper telephone exchange which is 81-6117. The final set of numbers is the last (6) digits of the number you are calling. EXAMPLE: If the number you are calling in Okinawa is 644-4385, you would dial 011-81-6117-44-4385.

Torii Station is located on the island of Okinawa about 1000 miles due south of mainland Japan.

Okinawa offers a joint service environment with the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. Kadena Air Base (Air Force) and Camp Butler (USMC) are two military installations located close to Torii Station. Many services are provided by the Air Force and Marine Corps.

The major Army commands located on Okinawa and their missions are as follows:

1/1 SFG: The only forward deployed Special Forces unit in the Far East, their peacetime mission is to maintain its combat readiness by conducting unilateral training, and to train with other nation's military forces to foster interoperability. Under the operational control of the Commander in Chief, Pacific, they conduct Foreign Internal Defense operations throughout the theater in support of the Pacific Command Strategy. They plan for and conduct relief and humanitarian assistance operations for nations affected by natural disasters. 10th Area Support Group: As the host Army installation activity, the 10th ASG provides Army activities and units on Okinawa a full range of base operations support. Responsible for coordinating with the sister services and the Government of Japan, it also maintains liaison to further mutual cooperation and understanding between the U. S. Army and the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. 10th ASG's wartime mission is to receive, stage, equip, and deploy rerouted or diverted forces. 505th Quartermaster Battalion: With more than 100 miles of fuel pipeline criss-crossing Okinawa, most of it underground, the 505th performs a wartime mission everyday. The 505th is responsible for supplying all DOD activities on Okinawa with fuel, including the jets at Kadena Air Base and the Navy vessels at White Beach, and even your family automobile through your local AAFES gas pump. 58th Signal Battalion: Responsible for keeping the Department of Defense operations on Okinawa in contact with the rest of the world. 58th Signal Bn operates facilities and systems in support of the DOD community through 3 individual companies and the HHD. 835th Transportation Battalion: Their wartime mission is to support various operation's plans in the Pacific theater. Most supplies for U. S. Forces in Okinawa are brought by sea, except for a small percentage brought by air, the 835th is responsible for managing that cargo. This includes exchange/commissary items, general supply items, and household goods. U. S. Army Space Command Detachment: This unit's mission is to monitor, control, assist, and coordinate tactical satellite terminal's usage of Ground Mobile Forces (GMF) communication's band width, as well as prevent illegal access. 83d Ordinance Battalion: Located in the 400 MMS area on Kadena AB. Their two basic missions are to provide static storage for approximately 21,000 short tons of USARPAC War Reserve and training ammunition stored in 69 structures. They also provide ammunition support to all Army activities on Okinawa and select CONUS-based units. U. S. Army Engineering Detachment: Their mission is to ensure facilities constructed are fully functional and safe for U. S. Forces personnel by actively assisting the GOJ in delineating requirements and conducting design and construction surveillance. They also administer the traditional military construction program in support of the Army and other DOD activities on Okinawa.

Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN 315-644-4385

Major Units
10th Area Support Group

DSN 315-644-4446

Mailing Address
Commander, Attn: IMPA-JA-MWO-A, USAG-J, Okinawa Unit 35115

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