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  • Misawa AB, Japan

  •  Misawa, Tohuku

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Misawa Air Base has witnessed a large amount of growth over the past few years. It is a dynamic air base with modern facilities, excellent housing, and is surrounded by the natural mountainous beauty of rural northern Japan. Home to all the various service groups it is a model example of the new defense concept of "jointness." Additionally, it coexists with a contingent of the Japanese Air Defense Force.

Location........................ : Misawa Air Base is approximately 400 miles north of Tokyo, located on the northeastern part of Honshu, Japan's main island.

Major Command................... : Pacific Air Forces Primary Weapon Systems....... : F-16 Fighting Falcon P-3C Orion

Mission......................... : The Wing's mission is to protect U.S. interests in the Pacific by providing forward presence, deployable forces, and quality mission support. 35th Fighter Wing is the host unit and provides support for the entire Misawa Air Base community, including the Naval Air Facility, and the Misawa Cryptologic Operations Center, comprised of the 301st Intelligence Squadron, Naval Security Group Activity, 750th Military Intelligence Company, and Company E Marine Support Battalion. The base is shared with the Japan Air Self Defense Force.

History...........................The 35th Fighter Wing was originally activated at Johnson Air Base, Japan on 18 August 1948, though it carries the bestowed honors of the 35th Fighter Group, tracing its origin back to 22 December 1939. The Wing's original mission was to fly air defense over Japan. In January 1950, the wing was redesignated the 35th Fighter Interceptor Wing and, in July, it deployed a tactical group and two squadrons to Korea to support United Nations ground forces during the Korean War. After the Korean War, the 35th added aerial reconnaissance to its mission. From 1948, until its inactivation on 1 October 1957, the 35th flew several different airframes, including the RC-45, F-51, RF-51, F-80, F-86 and F-94.

The wing returned to service on 1 April 1966, when the wing activated as the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam. The wing had five flying squadrons assigned to it while at Da Nang, and its pilots flew F-4C, F-102 and B-57 aircraft. On 8 October 1966, the wing moved and became the host wing at Phan Rang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam. While at Phan Rang AB, units assigned or attached to the 35 TFW flew F-100, B-57, A-37B and MK-20 airframes.

On 32 July 1971, the wing inactivated at Phan Rang AB, ending its involvement in Vietnam. However, the 35th did not remain inactive long. On 1 October 1971, the 35 TFW activated at George AFB, California. At George, the 35th took over the mission of training F-4 flight crews. In July 1973, with the arrival of F-105 aircraft, the wing began training aircrews for "Wild Weasel" (radar detection and suppression) missions in addition to other F-4 training. By 1975, with the arrival of new F-4C aircraft, the 35 TFW was training aircrews exclusively in "Wild Weasel" operations for deployment to operational units in Okinawa and Germany. In 1985, the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing was redesignated the 35th Tactical Training Wing. However, the wing retained an air defense augmentation responsibility. In October 1989, operations at George AFB were reorganized and the 35TTW redesignated the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing. Under the reorganization, the wing gained two tactical fighter squadrons.

In August 1990, the 35 TFW deployed 24 F-4Gs to Shaikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain, in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. During Operation Desert Storm, the 35 TFW (Provisional) played a key role in the successful air campaign, flying 3,072 combat missions totaling 10,318.5 hours. The US Central Command relied heavily on the wing's "Wild Weasels" for suppression of the enemy's air defense systems.

On 1 october 1991, as part of an Air Force-wide reorganization, the 35 TFW was redesignated the 35th Fighter Wing and its tactical fighter squadrons redesignated fighter squadrons. In 1992, the 35 FW started downsizing in preparation for the closure of George AFB. On 15 December 1992, the 35th Fighter Wing inactivated and George AFB closed.

Less than six months after its inactivation the 35 FW was again called to service. On 31 May 1993, the 35 FW was redesignated the 35th Wing and activated at Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland. The 35th replaced Air Forces Iceland, which had served as a wing equivalent for over 40 years. The 35th Wing inactivated at Keflavik on 30 September 1994, and activated at Misawa Air Base, Japan on 1 October 1994, as the 35th Fighter Wing.

Population assigned-served....: 11,138 Active Duty Officer.......... : 488 Active Duty Enlisted......... : 4,248 Family Members............... : 5,207 Civilian Employees........... : US-299 (DOD, DoDDs, local hire) Japanese Nationals-847

Telephone Access................ : DSN 226-xxxx When using commercial phone lines to call Misawa Air Base from the United States, dial 011-81-3117-66-then last four digits of "226" DSN number. When calling commercial for a "222" DSN number, dial 011-81-3117-62-then the last four digits of that number (Note: most "222" phone numbers are residential housing. Some are official on-base agencies such as AAFES or SATO Travel. If you need to call from within Japan, the prefix is: 0176-53-5181 (this will be the base operator; then ask for the specific phone number desired)

Additionally, one can access Misawa Air Base's Home Page on the Internet for comprehensive information about the base.

Misawa AB: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Command Post
Address : 35 FW/CP, Unit 5009, Misawa Air Base, Japan
City : APO   Zip : 96319-5009
Phone : 226-9899 Fax : 226-4705
Comment :
24 hour POC Telephone number is DSN 226-9899 (Commercial: 011-81-3117-66-9899)

The Command Post is responsible for tracking all flights on Misawa Air Base and has access to unit commanders 24 hours per day. Also, is the POC for contingencies primarily involving day-to-day operations at Misawa Air Base.
Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN 315-226-1110

Major Units
35th Fighter Wing

DSN: 315-222-1100

Mailing Address
35 MSS/DPF, Unit 5021 Box 30

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