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  • Andersen AFB, Guam

  •  Located 15 miles north Agana in Guam

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For more information on this subject, please refer to the web link located above.

Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Guam is located on the north end of Guam, approximately 15 miles from the capital, Agana (or Hagat a). Andersen AFB is in the village of Yigo, pronounced "Geego." There are plenty of recreational and travel opportunities which make Andersen a popular tour among the adventurous. Most tours are 24 months (accompanied) and 15 months (unaccompanied).

See 'MUST KNOW' section for specific directions to installation from airport.

Guam is located at 12 degrees 75 minutes north latitude, and 144 degrees 47 minutes east longitude. If you were to draw a straight line east of Manila, Philippines and another line south from Tokyo, Japan, the two lines would intersect near Guam.

Guam is the most southern island in the Marianas Island chain. The closest neighbor islands are Rota, Tinian, and Saipan. Guam is across the International Dateline from the mainland United States. Guam's time zone is GMT + 10 hours or international "K" time zone. Guam does not use daylight savings time.

To give you a time perspective, Guam is about three hours by airplane from Tokyo and Manila, four hours from Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taipei, five hours from Saigon, Singapore, and Bali, and six hours to Bangkok, Sydney, and Auckland. Going to the other side of the International Dateline, it is seven hours by air plane to Fiji, Honolulu, and Samoa, and eight hours to Tahiti.

MAJOR COMMAND: Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), Air Mobility Command (AMC)

TENANT UNITS: 13th Air Force, 634th Air Mobility Support Squadron (AMSS), and Navy Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Five (HC-5).

BASE MISSION: Providing peacetime and wartime support for aerospace forces in the Asian-Pacific theater.

TELEPHONE ACCESS Commercial - 1 (671) 366-XXXX (Guam has a U.S. area code). DSN - 366-XXXX, Operator ext.-1110. To dial a commercial local call from on base, you must dial 99 + number. Example: 99 + 653-XXXX.


Air Force Active Duty Officers: 217 Active Duty Enlisted: 1814 Military Family Members: 2436

Navy Active Duty Officers: 70 Active Duty Enlisted: 381 Military Family Members: 556

Reserve Component Officers: 21 Reserve Component Enlisted: 167

Civilian Employment on Base Civilian GS Employees: 280 Civilian WG Employees: 181 NAF, Contract & Private: 660

Retirees on Guam: Approx. 1956


Andersen Air Force Base opened as North Field in 1944, and was primarily used as a B-29 staging base in the Pacific during WWII. Later it was renamed after Brigadier General James R. Andersen, former Chief of Staff for the Army Air Force, Pacific, who was lost at sea returning to Honolulu in 1945. The base continues to support strategic operations in the region, and serves as a staging base for activities in Asia and the South Pacific. The bulk of Andersen's duties since WWII have been as a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base, supporting activities in Korea and Vietnam.

Name: Andersen Air Force Base City: Andersen AFB, Guam (APO AP 96543) Phone: (671) 366-1110 Comments: If calling commercially, you dial as if you were calling within the United States. The area code for Guam is 671.

Andersen AFB: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Andersen Air Force Base
City : Andersen AFB State : Guam Zip : 96543
Phone : (671) 366-1110 Fax :
Comment :
If calling commercially, you can now dial as if you were calling long distance United States. The area code for Guam is 671.

Name : Diego Garcia
Web Address : http://www.diego.af.mil
Comment :
Diego Garcia Det 1/ 36th LG PACAF Box 29 FPO AP 96464-0029 DSN 370-3800 E-mail: RVAGLE@NCTSDG.NAVY.MIL
Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN 366-8136

Major Units
13th Air Force
36th Air Force Wing
634th Air Mobility Support

Housing - DSN 315-366-5510 or commercial at 671-366-5510

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Your Name and Rank/ Unit Address General Delivery

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