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  • Wuerzburg, Germany

  •  Wuerzburg, Germany

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The United States Army Garrison Franconia (USAG Franconia) includes three distinctly different communities and six installations. Wuerzburg, Kitzingen, and Giebelstadt are uniquely located in the Franconian wine producing region in the state of Bavaria. The communities are rich with history, recreation, and cultural opportunities. The USAG Franconia is spread across a triangle shaped area in northern Bavaria. Wuerzburg is home to the headquarters of the 1st Infantry Division and the 67th Combat Support Hospital. Kitzingen houses nearly three-fifths of the soldiers assigned to the footprint. Giebelstadt Army Airfield hosts the 12th Aviation Brigade and 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade as its primary tenants.

The area surrounding Wuerzburg, Giebelstadt and Kitzingen is marked by a well developed infrastructure. You will be closely located to several "Autobahnen", which are equivalent to the American interstates. The public transportation network, consisting of buses and trains, covers a wide area, bringing you anywhere you want to go even if you don't have a car. The closest airports are Nuremberg and Frankfurt, which are easily reachable by both car and train.

There are two military post (kaserns) in Kitzingen Germany, Harvey Barracks and Larson Barracks.

History - Harvey Barracks was built in 1917 and served as a training school for pilots during World War I (WWI) After WWI, the land was returned to the farmers. In 1933, the area was used as an airfield. Additional barracks and a hanger were built, which served as a training school. The training school originally trained civilian personnel for the "Luftwaffe" (German Air Force). Pilots from the famous dive bomber squadrons and pursuit planes were also trained in Kitzingen. Towards the end of World War II (WWII), a few jets were stationed at Harvey Barracks and hidden in the forest. At the end of 1945, U.S. Army units took over Harvey Barracks and from 1947-1949 it was called the Kitzingen Training Center. On 2 April 1951, Harvey Barracks regained its name in honor of Captain James R. Harvey, Company E, 359th Infantry, who was killed during the invasion of Normandy, France. For his actions of extraordinary heroism, he was awarded the distinguished service cross posthumously.

History - Larson Barracks served as a camp for displaced persons from 1945 to 1947. From 1947 to 1952, Larson was used as a collection point for German Army trucks to be overhauled and made ready for sale. In May 1962, Larson Barracks was named in honor of Captain Stanley L. Larson, Company C, 10th Engineer Battalion, who was killed while clearing a minefield Anzio Beachhead on 23 May 1944. He was posthumously awarded the distinguish service cross.

Location........................ : Southeastern Germany, about 94 miles east of Frankfurt.

Major Command................... : United States Army Europe (USAREUR)

Primary Weapon Systems....... : Individual

Mission......................... : To support the 1st Infantry Division's (1st ID) main units during both training and combat. The 1st ID is charged with maintaining the forward edge of freedom in Western Europe.

Population assigned-served...... : 2981 Active duty personnel

Family Members.................. : 3450 Family members

Telephone Access................ : To call from the United States on a civilian line, dial the International Access Code 011, the Country Code for Germany 49, then the City Prefix (omitting the 0)09321 (for Kitzingen, Germany) and the remainder of the number. The military prefix for Harvey Barracks is 305; 702 for Larson Barracks - and then the last three numbers of the DSN number. For example, 011-49-9321-305-XXX Harvey Barracks or 011-49-9321-702-XXX Larson Barracks.

Kitzingen: Installation
Installation Overview

Name : Army Community Service
Address : Harvey Barracks, Building 105
417th Base Support Battalion, Unit 26137
City : APO AE Zip : 09031
Phone : 09321-305509/619 Fax : 09321-305-882
DSN Phone : 355-8509/8619 DSN Fax : 355-8882
Email : 417sites@xs1.mwr.army.mil
Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN: 314-355-8509/8619

Major Units
98th Area Support Group

DSN: 355-2827/2240

Mailing Address
CDR, USAG Franconia, ATTN: ACS-Wuerzburg, Unit 26622, Box 3

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