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  • Schweinfurt, Germany

  •  Schweinfurt, Germany

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Schweinfurt military community, part of "The Big Red One", makes up the 280th Base Support Battalion which is attached to the 98th Area Support Group out of Wuerzburg. The major command is the United States Army Europe with a primary weapon system of combat arms. Our community is split between 2 barracks or kasernes (Conn and Ledward). Both barracks are located in the city of Schweinfurt and are approximately two miles apart.

Located in the heart of Franconia, the city offers an enchanting array of picturesque buildings, beautiful parks, outdoor markets and numerous recreational facilities. Schweinfurt is centrally located in Germany, just 99 miles east of Frankfurt and 72 miles northwest of Nuernberg. If you want to explore your surroundings even further, countries such as Switzerland, Austria, France, and Belgium are only a few hours drive away.

The First Infantry Division is charged with the vital mission (as a part of the NATO Defense Team) of maintaining the forward edge of freedom in Western Europe. To carry out our mission, we support a population of approximately 12,000 including 4,758 active duty Army, 12 active duty Air Force, 149 U.S. civilian employees, 478 Local National civilian employees, 6,185 family members, and 93 retirees.

To access the Schweinfurt military from the United States dial 011-49 + prefix + number. Example: To phone a civilian number, dial 011-49-9721-XXXXX. To phone a military (DSN) number dial 011-49-9721-96-XXXX. To reach a specific unit/agency please refer to COMMONLY REFERENCED NUMBERS or MAJOR UNIT LISTINGS. If the number you need is not listed call Community Operations Center (COC)at DSN: 354-6708/6673. COC is open 24 hours.

HISTORY: The Schweinfurt military community was under control of the 3rd Infantry Division until February, 1996. At that time Schweinfurt came under the control of the 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized), the "Big Red One."

The Schweinfurt military community consists primarily of two kasernes (barracks), Conn and Ledward.

Conn: Construction began on the Schweinfurt Flugplatz in March of 1936. The airbase became a Luftwaffe training post for Stuka or dive bomber pilots. Cadets often lost their lives in training exercises requiring them to dive the plane toward the ground before pulling up at the last possible moment. Residents of Schweinfurt maintain that Hitler only visited Schweinfurt once. Goering came to Schweinfurt more often and stayed at Willy Sachs' castle home in Mainberg (Sachs was a prominent Schweinfurt resident and owner of one of the ball bearing plants).

Schweinfurt status as a ball bearing manufacturing center made it an ideal target during the Second World War. Between October 1944 and April 1945 the city endured no less than seventeen Allied bombing attacks. Since most of the German troops had already left the city for other fronts, air defense artillery behind the Flugplatz was manned only by the "Reichsarbeitsdienst" (teenagers who were issued brown uniforms, shovels and military discipline prior to joining the Army).

On the 11th of April, 1945 the 42nd Division, 7th U.S. Army marched into Schweinfurt and seized the Flugplatz. It was occupied by the American Air Corps until 1948 when it was then transferred over to the U.S. Army.

The Flugplatz was renamed Conn Barracks in honor of 2LT Orville B. Conn, Jr. in 1947. Lieutenant Conn was the first World War II casualty of the Sixth Cavalry Group, killed in action on August 10, 1944 at Normandy, France.

Ledward: Construction of the Panzer Kaserne was completed in 1936. The Panzer's 4th Tank Regiment was deployed to fight in Austria between 1937 and 1938. The Fourth was replaced by the 36th Tank Regiment. Other units assigned to the Kaserne included an Armored Artillery Battalion and an Armored Infantry Regiment. Hungarian troops and an anti-aircraft battalion were also stationed here. The Panzer Kaserne was much larger during the Second World War than it is today. Modern day Ledward Barracks does not include areas of the former post such as the Mercedes plant or the city bus garage. Extensive bomb damage during the war destroyed much of the kaserne. Immediately following Schweinfurt's surrender in 1945 the kaserne was used as a refugee camp for displaced Estonians, Yugoslavs, Lithuanians, and Poles. U.S. Consulate Offices were also located here.

The Panzer Kaserne was renamed Ledward Barracks in honor of LTC William J. Ledward. Colonel Ledward was killed in action in Italy, June 1944. He was the Commanding Officer of the 27th Armored Field Artillery Battalion. The U.S. Army took control of Ledward Barracks in 1948.

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Base Operator
DSN: 312-354-113

Major Units
1/18 Infantry
1/4 Cavalry
1/7 Field Artillery
2nd Brigade

DSN: 312-354-1700

Mailing Address
Army Community Service, Ledward Barracks, CMR 457

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