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  • NSB Kings Bay, GA

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Welcome to the Peach State, to Southern Hospitality and to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, a state-of-the-art home to the Atlantic Fleet's Trident II Submarines.  Kings Bay borders the cozy historic town of St. Marys, Georgia, in Camden County.  Camden County lies in the southeastern corner of Coastal Georgia, just north of the Florida border.  The main towns in Camden County are St. Marys, Kingsland and Woodbine.  Woodbine, eighteen miles northeast of the Base, is the county seat. Kings Bay is approximately three miles from Georgia State Highway 40; five miles from Interstate 95; and 30 miles north of the Jacksonville, Florida Airport.

Navy Times Newspaper announced in January 2002 that Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia had been voted by sailors in the Navy Times Best Base Award program as their pick for the base closest to which most want to retire.  Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is 30 minutes from the metropolitan area of Jacksonville but not in the midst of urban crowding and circumstances that go along with a big city.  The base is relatively young (just over 25 years old) and the surrounding community has tripled in size since construction of facilities began.  Yet, there is plenty of space, not a lot of traffic, and a conveniently laid out base infrastructure.  Most of the critical services are nearly all within walking distance.  Two of the factors that make Kings Bay appealing for retirement are the overall low cost of living as well as a very supportive, friendly local community.  Sailors also praised the excellent public school system and down-to-earth atmosphere.  For those who like to travel, a big plus is the proximity to Jacksonville International Airport as well as I-10 and I-95.  The weather is also great and the Kings Bay area is popular among retirees active in outdoor recreation.


The base consists of more than 16,000 acres, lying between the St. Marys and Crooked Rivers, on Kings Bay, an arm of Cumberland Sound. The first Navy personnel arrived in the Kings Bay area in January 1978, with actual transfer from the Army occurring on July 1st.  On July 2, 1979, USS Simon Lake (AS 33) arrived.  On July 6th, the first submarine, USS James Monroe (SSBN 622) arrived alongside the Simon Lake to begin a normal refit.  The Naval Submarine Support Base was now operational.

In May 1980, Kings Bay was selected as a site for the Navy's East Coast Base for the newest generation of fleet ballistic missile submarines -- the Ohio Class or Trident SSBN's. In April 1982 the Base title was changed to Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, reflecting its growing significance.

On January 15, 1989, the first Trident Submarine, USS TENNESSEE (SSBN 734), arrived at Kings Bay.  It was followed by USS PENNSYLVANIA (SSBN 735); USS WEST VIRGINIA (SSBN 736); USS KENTUCKY (SSBN 737); USS MARYLAND (SSBN 738); USS NEBRASKA (SSBN 739); USS RHODE ISLAND (SSBN 740); USS MAINE (SSBN 741); USS WYOMING (SSBN 742); and USS LOUISIANNA (SSBN 743). The Navy spent more than $1.3 billion to complete the base, which will soon be homeport for five Trident submarines after the departure of USS PENNSYLVANIA and USS KENTUCKY in 2002, the USS NEBRASKA in 2004, and the departure of USS MAINE AND USS LOUISIANA in late 2005.  Facilities are available to serve as homeport, refit site and training facility for people who operate and maintain the Ohio-Class Submarines.

For a thorough history of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, click on the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay History Link located under CONTACTS/LINK - Location - Installation - Overview.


To Deliver Support to the Strategic Warfighter. Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay has three major commands: Trident Training Facility (TTF), Trident Refit Facility (TRF), and Strategic Weapons Facility, Atlantic (SWFLANT). In addition, this installation is the homeport of five Ohio-Class TRIDENT submarines.


The Kings Bay community consists of DoD personnel and their families, civilians, contractors, and visitors from NATO countries.
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Base Operator
DSN: 573-2000
(912) 573-2000

Major Units
Submarine Group 10
Submarine Squadron 20
Strategic Weapons Facility

DSN: 573-4871
(912) 573-4871/4971/6033

Mailing Address
1063 USS Tennessee Avenue, QL11
Kings Bay, GA

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