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  • NAS Atlanta, GA


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LOCATION - The base is situated 20 miles north of Atlanta in Marietta, the county seat of Cobb County, Georgia.  Marietta is in the metro Atlanta area.  Cobb County's population is over 570,000.  Atlanta is a relatively high cost-of-living area, but Cobb County is closer to the national average.

Perhaps best known for having been burned to the ground by the US Army in 1864 and for hosting the Olympic Games in 1996, Atlanta's population today is over 3.8 million people living in an 18 county metropolitan area.  With a total area of 5,147 square miles, slightly less than the state of Connecticut,  Atlanta is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the country and is growing at a 15% annual rate.

HISTORY - An installation was officially commissioned March 22, 1941 at Ft. Gordon with the primary mission of training Navy and Marine Corps aviators, and was designated NAS Atlanta in 1943.  The base was moved to its current location, between Marietta and Smyrna, in 1959.

MISSION - The mission of Naval Air Station Atlanta has remained the same over the years - to provide readiness training for assigned active duty and selected reserve personnel while maintaining our full commitment to support the requirements of tenant commands and the fleet.

POPULATION SERVED - We have approximately 1,500 active duty and 2,500 family members,  2,200 reserve component members, and 200 civilian employees.   We also serve 12,000 military retirees in the area.  

SPONSORSHIP - Sponsorship is a unit function. Contact the unit to which you are transferring at the number listed in the Major Unit Listings topic.
During normal duty hours report to your unit for necessary processing and escort.  If arriving after normal duty hours and holidays report to building #3, to the Command Duty Officer at the quarterdeck for orders to be stamped.  Telephone for the Duty Officer is DSN 625-6392, Cml (678) 655-6392.   Also see the Directions topic and the Check-in Procedures topic.

TEMPORARY QUARTERS - TEMPORARY HOUSING IS A PROBLEM.  There is a BOQ and BEQ, but they are not available for families. There is a Navy operated recreation facility at Lake Allatoona, which is about a 30 minute drive north of the base. There are cabins, a beach and docks.  The cabins can be utilized for temporary housing, subject to availability.   See MWR topic and Contact.

RELOCATION ASSISTANCE - The Relocation Assistance Program at the FFSC is here to help in- and out-bound personnel with information and workshops on maximizing personal and family effectiveness and minimizing cost and stress before, during, and after the move.  In addition, we maintain a small loan locker for inbound personnel awaiting delivery of household goods and for outbound personnel whose household goods have been shipped.  Services will also be available to civilian employees moving due to the closure of NAS Atlanta.  Call 678) 655-6062, ext. 101 or 108 for more information and for current availability of loan locker items.

CRITICAL INSTALLATION INFORMATION - NAS Atlanta is on the BRAC list.  The date of closure is still uncertain, but it is expected to be no earlier than the end of 2007 and no later than the end of 2010.

There is a Federal Employees Credit Union on the base, but the nearest Navy Federal is in Athens, GA at the Supply Corps School. The Exchange cashes checks at a limit of $150 per day.   Plan ahead to cash checks or bring travelers checks.

NAS Atlanta is primarily a reserve installation, so many facilities are open only on the weekends.  One weekend per month is a non-drill weekend, and on those weekends the facilities are closed.  Open on weekends are the exchange, gas station, fitness center, the Bowling Alley, and the Reserve PSD (located in the Training Bldg.)  See the Shopping/Food topic for information on exchanges and commissaries at area installations.

There is no inpatient medical facility located on board NAS Atlanta nor in the Atlanta area at any other military base.  See Health and Wellness - Medical topic for information on the Branch Medical Clinic.  The only military veterinarian in the Metro Atlanta area is located at Ft McPherson.  See Contact information at the Pets topic; also see the Health and Wellness - Veterinary Services topic.

The Fleet and Family Support Center is open Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1600. The housing office is manned part time and you may need to inquire of them as to their availability for assistance.  The ITT Office, located to your left just inside the gate, is also open during the regular workweek.   See the Contacts for phone numbers and locations of these offices; also see the Family Issues topic, Housing topic, and Installation - Activities topic.

Must Know Items

Installation Website GA  
This installation does not currently have a website. Funding is the issue and it is being addressed at our regional headquarters.
Mailing Address 1000 Halsey Avenue
Code 016/Bldg 80
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Phone: 678655-6735 ext.100
Fax: 678 655 6060
DSN: 625-6735 ext 100
DSN Fax: 625-6060
Fleet & Family Support Center
Package Delivery Address 1000 Halsey Avenue
Bldg. 80
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Phone: 678 655 6735
Email: janine.bemis@navy.mil
Fleet & Family Support Center
Relocation Assistant 1000 Halsey Ave
Bldg 80
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Mike Wilson or Pat Patterson
Site Manager 1000 Halsey Ave
Bldg 80 Fleet & Family Support Center
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Phone: 678 655 6735 x 104
DSN: 925
DSN Fax: 925 6060
Email: janine.bemis@navy.mil
Janine Bemis
Street Address 1000 Halsey Ave
Bldg 80
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Phone: 678 655 6735
TAMP 1000 Halsey Ave
FFSC, Bldg 80
Marietta, GA  30060-5099
Email: pat.patterson@navy.mil
Pat Patterson or Mike Wilson

Base Operator
DSN: 625-5000
(678) 655-5000

Major Units
Marine Aircraft Group 42
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773
Airborne Early Warning Squadron 77

(678) 655-6393 or (678) 655-6277

Mailing Address
1000 Halsey Avenue, Code 016/Bldg 80
Marietta, GA

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