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  • Anniston Army Depot, AL


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Country:  United States of America
Region:  Southeast
State:  Alabama
City:  Anniston

Nested in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Alabama, Anniston Army Depot occupies over 25 square miles of land, encompassing more than 18,000 acres of woodland and 40 acres of lakes and streams. Additionally, there are over 2,100 buildings and structures as well as 266 miles of roads and streets, 87 miles of fencing and 46 miles of railroad tracks.  Anniston Army Depot is located between two major cities, Atlanta, GA, 90 miles to the east on Interstate 20 and Birmingham, AL, 60 miles west on Interstate 20.  Possibly the nation's most diversified defense resource - Anniston Army Depot offers scenic splendor as well as unlimited natural resources.


Transition from backwoods forest to a high-density industrial complex defines the life span of Anniston Army Depot.  But it only hints at the diverse and wide-ranging missions that have marked over a half-century of patriotic service to the Nation and to the men and women of our Armed Services.  From its origin in 1942 as a storage depot, Anniston Army Depot has transformed into a state-of-the-market maintenance facility, earning its highly-esteemed reputation as "The Tank Rebuild Center of the World."  Broadly diversified skills are deep-rooted at Anniston and our success is attributable to the teaming of our highly skilled workforce with a strong management support structure. Our workforce, armed with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, invite the challenge of any new work effort with the renowned "Anniston can do it" attitude.


Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) is the only Army depot capable of performing maintenance on both heavy and light-tracked combat vehicles and their components. The depot is designated as the Center of Technical Excellence for the M1 Abrams Tank and is the designated candidate depot for the repair of the M60, AVLB, M728 and M88 combat vehicles. ANAD has assumed responsibility for the Towed and self-propelled artillery as well as the M113 Family of Vehicles (FOV).  Under partnership agreements a wide range of vehicle conversions and upgrades are currently underway. The depot also performs maintenance on individual and crew-served weapons as well as land combat missiles and small arms. Additionally, the maintenance and storage of conventional ammunition and missiles, as well as the storage of seven percent of the Nation's chemical munitions stockpile until the stockpile is demilitarized, are significant parts of the depot's overall missions and capabilities.

Active Duty Officers, DoD Civilian Employees, Tenant Employees, Contract Employees, and NAF Employees.  Key tenant organizations on the depot include the Defense Distribution Depot, Anniston (DDAA), the Anniston Munitions Center (ANMC) the Anniston Chemical Activity (ANCA), the Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization (PMCD), the Center of Military History Clearing House, the 722nd Ordnance Company (Explosive Ordnance Disposal - EOD) and the Defense Reutilization and Marketing.


The Army Community Service Relocation Readiness program provides training for Sponsorship Support upon request for incoming military and civilian employees.  Resource for training is the Total Army Sponsorship Program Army Regulation 600-8-8.


No base housing or temporary lodging is available at Anniston Army Depot.  Temporary lodging is available at several hotels/motels in our local community (please see the local community/temporary housing section for suggested temporary lodging facilities).  


The ACS Relocation Office is located at Building 94, Facilities Blvd., Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, AL  36201-4199.  Whether you are military or a Department of Defense civilian employee, you can request a welcome packet by contacting Army Community Service (ACS) at (256) 741-5247 or DSN 571-5247 or visiting our web-site at anad.army.mil.  Relocation services available are:  Newcomer's Welcome Briefing and Packets, Lending Closet, Standard Installation Topics Exchange Services (SITES), PCS Sponsorship Briefing, Auto Map, Deployment/Mobilization, and Individual Counseling.  


Child Care:  Anniston Army Depot does not have a child development center. Plans of a Child Development Center are in the development stage at this time.

Financial Assistance:  Army Emergency Relief provides emergency financial assistance in the form of  no interest loans, grants, part loan or part grant.  Personnel eligible for assistance include active duty, and retired Army personnel and their dependents; spouses and orphans of eligible Army personnel who died while on active duty or after they retired; members of the Army National Guard (ARNG) and the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) on continuous active duty for more than 30 days and their dependents or have retired after age 60.  POC:  Cindy Taylor, AER Officer, Location:  Building 94, Phone: (256) 741-5247 or DSN 571-5247.

Housing:  No base housing.

Telephone Access
Area Code:  256
Prefix: 235
DSN:  571

Must Know Items

ACS Director Anniston Army Depot
7 Frankford Aveue
Bldg. 94, Facilities Blvd.
Anniston, AL  36201-4199
Phone: 256-235-4874
Phone: 256-235-7445
Fax: 256-235-4878
DSN: 571-4874
DSN Fax: 571-4878
Email: marva.crearydixon@us.army.mil
Army Community Service Director
Anniston Army Depot Website 7 Frankford Avenue
Anniston, AL  36201-4199
Email: gordan.ray@anad.army.mil
Email: webserver@anad.army.mil
Email: gordan.ray@us.army.mil
URL: http://www.anad.army.mil/
Web Master: Benny Ray
Mailing Address AMSTA-AN-CFA
Bldg. 94, Facilities Blvd.
Anniston, AL  36201-4199
Phone: 256-235-7445
Phone: 256-235-7170
Fax: 256-235-4638
DSN: 571-7445
DSN Fax: 571-4638
Directorate of Community and Family Activities Includes: Army Community Services, Morale/Welfare/Recreation, Alcohol/Drug Control, Food Services, Physical Fitness Center, & Recycling
Package Delivery Address 7 Frankford Ave.
Building 94
Anniston, AL  36201-4199
Phone: 256-235-7445
DSN: 571-7445
Anniston Army Depot
RAM Anniston Army Depot
7 Frankford Ave.
Bldg. 94, Facilities Blvd.
Anniston , AL  26301-4199
Phone: 256-741-5247
Phone: 256-235-7445
Fax: 256-235-4638
DSN: 571-5247
DSN Fax: 571-4638
Email: cindy.b.taylor@us.army.mil
Relocation Assistance Manager
Relocation Assistant - N/A Anniston Army Depot
7 Frankford Ave.
Bldg. 94, Facilities Blvd.
Anniston, AL  36201-4199

Street Address 7 Frankford Ave.
Bldg. 94
Anniston, AL  36201-4199
Phone: 256-235-7445
DSN: 571-7445
Anniston Army Depot
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Base Operator
Phone: 256-235-7445, DSN: 571-4874

Major Units
Defense Distribution Depot
Anniston Chemical Activity
Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization
U.S. Army Center of Military History Clearing House
Dear Medical Clinic
Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office
Anniston Defense Munitions Center (ADMC)

not available

Mailing Address
7 Frankford Avenue
Anniston, AL

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