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There are literally hundreds of assignments and worksites in the Washington DC capital region (at Andrews AFB / NAF Washington alone we have over 60 tenant unit).  If you are being assigned to the Washington DC area, but cannot find information about your duty station look in the detail record under Other Assignments Around the National Capital Region.  Note: your orders must be for Andrews AFB or NAF Washington (West and East side of the base, respectively)in order for your family to be eligible to live on main base at Andrews.  Personnel assigned to the Pentagon are housed by Bolling AFB.  We manage a remote housing area, Summerfield Housing, that we share with Bolling AFB, as well as Naval District Washington and Ft Meade.
Congratulations on your new assignment and welcome to Andrews AFB / NAF Washington.  We know you will enjoy your tour here.  The Washington Capital area is a diverse and exciting duty assignment, and Andrews AFB is near the heart of it all--just minutes away from both the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials in one direction and rural farmlands and the Chesapeake Bay in the other.

Andrews AFB is located in the Southeast corner of the Washington Metropolitan area 10 miles outside the Washington, D.C., border. Those choosing to not live in military housing at Andrews AFB will find that city living, surburban living, small town living, and country living are all within easy commuting distance of Andrews AFB--choose the kind of lifestyle you want to live and you can find it in the greater metro Washington DC area.

However, because individuals living off-base reside in some 100 communities in the Washington metro area (scattered across the states of Maryland, Virginia Delaware, and West Virginia as well as the District of Columbia), we are unable to provide ALL information for ALL communities in our commuting area. If we were, this book would triple in size. Therefore, we concentrate on information for Prince George and Charles counties, Maryland, our nearest neighbors. You should know that a one-way commute of 45-60 minutes is not an uncommon commute in the Andrews area.  Nor are traffic jams uncommon.  A recent study showed that Washington DC area communters lose an average of 76 hours per year in traffic tie ups, making it the 2nd worst commuter traffic situation in the U.S. (Los Angeles was first).  If you elect to not live on-base, then I highly recommend you confine your housing search to areas east and south of Andrews AFB and avoid any commute that requires crossing the Wilson Bridge over the Potomac.

If we do not cover the area you are interested in, we encourage you to refer to the "Nearby Installations" section of this booklet and research the other SITES databases in the Metropolitan Washington Area.  The Relocation Managers at all of the military installations in the METRO area work together to divide the information according to counties and/or cities, so that the majority of the information available for the Metropolitan Washington is covered in one of the area SITES booklet or another.

Feel free to contact the Andrews Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) for further assistance prior to your PCS move.  However, we also highly recommend--insist, really--that you contact your local MPF and formally request that a SPONSOR be assigned to you, even if you are single or have lived in the Washington, DC, area before.  Your SPONSOR is your personal link to both the Andrews local community and to your new work section.  Your SPONSOR is responsible for ensuring that you receive timely and factual information before you get here, are properly taken care of on arrival, and, frequently becomes you new best friend.

Besure to view the Welcome to Andrews AFB, MD, base video tour, available from your local FSC/ACS office.


Be advised that the maintenance and supply functions of the 89 AW, specifically in 89 LG, 89 LSS, 89 AGS, 89 MXS, 89 SUPS, and 1 HS, are in the process of being competitively sourced under the A76 process.  It is very possible an inbound person to one of these functions in one of these units may have his/her tour curtailed significantly and have a subsequent PCS with as little as one year on station.  You may follow the progress of this process at the web address.


Base Housing advises that, due to projected renovations this year, waits for on-base housing in the Jr & Sr Enlisted categories is now 90 - 120 days.  Estimates for other categories are unchanged.  See Base Housing.


To encourage Sponsorship, the Relocation Assistance Program does not mail Welcome Packages to individuals. Your Sponsor is responsible for compiling and mailing your Sponsor/Welcome Aboard Packet and addressing your specific questions.(See above to learn how to request a Sponsor.) However, the Andrews Relocation Assistance Program does assist your Sponsor in his task by stocking and displaying all of the Welcome Package material at the Family Support Center office.  In special circumstances or if your Sponsor has not served you well, the Andrews Relocation will gladly assist you.


The Andrews AFB Youth Center coordinates this program.  If you have children between the ages of 6 and 18 interested in corresponding with youth from Andrews prior to arrival, please contact:

             89 SVS/YY
             1535 COMMAND DRIVE  SUITE B215
             ANDREWS AFB  MD  20762-7002
             C(301)-981-5636; DSN-858-5636

Write with your name, age, mailing address, hobbies, any questions you need answered, and your gaining unit.


Andrews AFB is in Prince George County, Maryland, 10 miles Southeast of Washington, D.C., and accessible from the Capital (I95/495)Beltway.  See specific directions on how to get to Andrews AFB under the Category INSTALLATION, Subject Ares, MUST KNOW ITEMS.


Andrews Air Force Base is the home of the 89 Airlift Wing (AMC) and Air Force One. We frequently host the President and Vice President of the United States, congressional delegations, foreign heads of state and many other dignitaries and distinguished visitors. It is not unusual to have 20-30 Distinguished Visitor movements per week, including an average of one head of state DV movement per day.  In addition, more than 60 tenant units and special missions are also located here. The base has a population of more than 26,000 people.  The eastern side of Andrews AFB is home of NAF Washington.


 Active Duty Air Force.... :   7,700
          Active Duty Navy......... :   1,248
           Active Duty Marines...... :     424
 Active Duty Army........... :      75
 Air National Guard......... :     90
 Reserve Component........ : fluctuates
  Family Members........... :  15,000
           Retirees................. :  25,000
           Civilian Employees....... :   1,793


When calling Andrews AFB from a DSN extension, the prefix is 858 for 89 Air Wing numbers, 857 for all tenant units--including Malcolm Grow Medical Center, and 278 for the Air National Guard Readiness Center.

When calling Andrews AFB from a commercial extension, the area code/prefix is
(301)981-XXXX for 89 Air Wing numbers and (240)857-XXXX for all tenant units. However, all Air National Guard numbers Readiness Center numbers are (301)836-XXXX.  When dialing from an on-base phone, all 89 AW numbers are prefixed with 2-XXXX, tenant units by 7-XXXX, and ANGRC by 6-XXXX.  On-base housing numbers are generally prefixed with 301-599-XXXX.  The Andrews AFB base locator can be reached at DSN 858-6161 or (301)981-6161/1110.

Please note: When making local calls to off-base numbers or when using an off-base phone, the entire number--including area code--is dialed as if it were a long distance number, but without the "1" in front of it, eg., 301-981-9212.  If the number you are calling is actually long distance, the phone system will alert you to that fact.


During the Civil War, Union troops occupied a small country church near Camp Springs, MD. That church is still used on-base and is known as Chapel Two. Later, on 25 Aug 1941, Camp Springs Army Air Field was established and Andrews' flying history began.  The base became operational 2 May 1943. The name of the base was changed to Andrews Field on 31 Mar 1945, in honor of Lt Gen Frank M. Andrews, commander of European operations for all Army Air Forces. In July, 1961 Andrews became the home of the official presidential aircraft, known as "Air Force One" when the president is on board.  In 1963, Naval Air Facility (NAF) Anacostia, originally established on the Patomac River at Anacostia Naval Air Field near Bolling AFB in 1919, moved to the east side of Andrews AFB. At that time the name was changed from NAF Anacostia to NAF Washington.  NAF handles Naval VIP flight operations and is home for a Marine Corps detachment that flies the FA-18 Hornet.

Andrews AFB has evolved to become one of the most modern bases in the Air Force.  With more than 10 AMC units, 30 tenant units and the Naval Air Facility housed on the base, and Malcolm Grow Medical Center (3rd largest hospital in the Air Force), we're a busy community proud of our history.

Andrews AFB: Installation
Installation Overview

Web Address : http://www.andrews.af.mil/89lg/A-76/main_a76.htm
Comment :
89th Airlift Wing Aircraft Maintenance and Base Supply A-76 Business Case Analysis.

Welcome to the 89th Airlift Wing Aircraft and Base Supply A-76 Business Case Analysis Web Page. It is our intent to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive details of this process so that you understand and proactively manage its impact to you, your family and the mission.
89th Airlift Wing.

Name : Other Assignments Around the National Capital Region
Web Address : http://www.andrews.af.mil/89sptg/89mss/dpf/relo-other.html
Comment :
There are literally hundreds of assignments and worksites in the Washington DC capital region (at Andrews AFB / NAF Washington alone we have over 60 tenant unit). If you are being assigned to the Washington DC area, but cannot find information about your duty station, try the web address above.

Name : Relocation Assistance Program Manager POC : Rick Kennerly
Address : 89 MSS/DPF
      1191 Menoher Dr
City : Andrews AFB, State : MD Zip : 20762-6421
Phone : 301-981-9212 Fax : 301-981-6165
DSN Phone : 858-9212 DSN Fax : 858-6165
Email : rick.kennerly@andrews.af.mil
Comment :
A great resource for information about Andrews AFB and the Greater Washington DC area can be found under the "Base Information" button on the Andrews home page.
Official Installation Link

Base Operator
DSN 858-1110

Major Units
89th Airlift Wing
Air Force One

DSN 858-9668

Mailing Address
1191 Menoher Drive 89 MSS/DPF - Attn: CRC
Andrews AFB, MD

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